MONRABU x Monster Girl

Okay, I'm sorry.  But I'll have to put another pause with my entries because I haven't been feeling too awesome lately.  Been having a lot of personal problems as well as late nights at work and it's starting to take its toll.  

I know, then why am I blogging?  I really don't know why but it somehow makes me feel better to escape from the real world, my problems, and just think about something on the other side.  Although, this won't be a very long entry.

I really wanted to share this artwork made by one of my favorite artists, Shigetomo-san from MonsterGirls of MGX.factory. He draws some of the most unique and pop characters out there.  

It's me!

Isn't it sooooooooooo adorable?! I actually wish I looked like this.

He even drew me and Juvy

D'AWWWWWWWWW!  We can make our own TV series now lol

Many thanks to Shigetomo-san for drawing us because FORREAL, he has designed stuff for Anna Sui and you know how much I LOVE Anna Sui.

There are merchandise for sell with these cute characters.:3  Check out the MonsterGirl's homepage here for more info:

Also, for those who haven't seen it yet, I finished my video project!   I finally finished rendering the video. 2-mafa-hours to render! I seriously didn't spend TOO much time on it but spent my last 3 weeknights on it.  It's a compilation of clips I took last year because they were so short I decided to just smash them all together.  I received approval from everyone to use them in my video because I would hate it if someone just used my face in one of their projects without ask, moreless telling me. 

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Galaxy xD

Alice ;*

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