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Hi guys! I'm back from Kyoto and what a crazy weekend it was.  I feel a little Kyoto hangover still.  The details of that trip are soon to come.  Well, sort of.  As soon as I catch up with the other promised entries! 

Moving on down the list, I decided to skip the Onsen entry for later because I realized that I haven't gone through all those pictures for that day so that entry will take too long.  Might as well work on entries that I'm ready for. :p

So for today's entry, I'm going to blog (or post a bunch of pictures) about my day with Tricia and her boyfriend.  I was so happy to have a chance to meet her despite her busy schedule. We met up in Shibuya, had lunch and took 39573985 purikuras at Eggnam

It was funny how we coincidentally color coordinated for that day.  We didn't even feel the need to even decorate the purikura. haha

Anyway, here are the pictures~

Eating pasta with this adorable couple <3
Since purikura lighting is so perfect we took advantage of that.

75% Filipino and 25% Japanese in this picture!

And one for the iPhone

bon voyage~~ except we're going the opposite direction of the airplane

didn't have time to input Tricia's name so her name was "Happy" 

Totally failed at spelling her name LOL But do yous see the color coordination?

Blogs coming up:
- Date with Tricia 
- Oedo Onsen
- Cosplaying in Shibuya
- My love for Vivienne Westwood

- Eyeliner review
- REVLON foundation review
- Spontaneous Kyoto trip

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