Tokyo Tower Countdown 2011 to 2012.

For New Years Eve, I spent it with my friends and of course my boyfriend, at Tokyo Tower for their Countdown Special.  If any of you are planning to attend next year . . . or I mean this year, be ready for the crowd! This place was packed! And please please PLEASE remember to bundle up because the chilly weather shows no mercy to all-nighters during this time of year. 

We got there around 9:30PM and we were a bit late.  They distribute free balloons before 8PM for the countdown.  Here is the countdown display in front of the gates. 2 hours left!   

Saying our farewells. 
Burning remnants of 2011.

Here is the group that I was with minus the person who took the picture who has by far the nicest camera in the world.  We were loud, crazy, and ready for the new year.  Also drank quite a lot to the point where everything started looking like this:


But I love how alcohol makes you feel warm or at least mentally warm.  Didn't even feel any suffering from the 3Cdegree weather. AND being drunk totally speeds up time. 

Get your balloons ready!

Happy New Year!

Balloons were released at midnight.  


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