Photoblog: Tokyo Christmas II

Took me a while to put to up but here is the 2nd part to the Christmas Illumination photoblog I posted a month ago.  It's kind of late but enjoy!

Huge Xmas tree in front of LaForet sponsored by Chloe.

Main entrance of Omotesando Hills.

This year, Omotesando Hills featured a Disney tree!

Omotesando is known for this famous lit up road. ALL the trees, ALL the brances are wire up!

Thankfully a taxi didn't drive by.

Big Santa boot in front of Midtown Tokyo.

I was so worried that they wouldn't run this beautiful light show at Midtown because of the earthquake and all the power-saving rules.  Really blessed to have the opportunity to see it! 


All lit up!

I compiled vid clips that I took into one video.  It's short and a little drawn out but I hope you guys like it!

I move out tomorrow! Can't wait! Too many memories in my apartment that make me depressed when I recall them :(((  Must remember to cut my nails tonight as not to chip them when moving.


Blogs coming up:
- Review on McDonald's new "American" menu
- Things I learned in 2011.
- Christmas Disney Sea
- Christmas Illuminations- Pair rings
- My birthday!
- Japanese new years: Osechi
- New years countdown at Tokyo Tower
- Oedo Onsen
- Date with Tricia 


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