Sponsored Review: LUVIEW MASCARA

How's everyone's week going?

Today I'm going to do yet another Luview review :)  I will be reviewing their Gleam Full Long Lash Mascara.  Which sticks true to its word.  The mascara is made up of fibers to enhance and elongate lashes up to 3x.  Or that's how it was for me. 


Throughout the day, there were no smudges or little fibers falling off. I couldn't test to see if it was resistant against rain or even more so with tears (unless you force me to watch Bicentennial man.  That movie always gets to me) but I did try to remove it solely with water which didn't work at all.  I had to use actual eye remover.  This stuff is strong!


Crapily taken before and after pic.

The mascara liquid includes VitaminB5, chamomile and other soothing ingredients to protect your eye lashes.


Overall (全体): ★★★☆
Price(値段): ★★★☆ ($14.40 / \1,600)
Pros (利点): No smudging, creates long lashes (汚れしない、ラッシュの長さUP)
Cons (欠点): The brush is a little difficult to work with for bottom lashes. (ブラシは下まつ毛にちょっと使いにくい)

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Photo courtesy of Luview.com

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最後にLUVIEW GLOBALサイトにて、お名前、国籍、及びクチコミを書いてください。当たりますと、出荷料を払えなければならいないので、ご注意ください。申し込んだ際、かならず私にご連絡くださいね~~
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Good luck! 


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