Luview Sponsored Review: Crystal Cover BB Cream

Looking back on my Seoul pictures, I realize that a month has passed since.  Time sure goes by annoying fast. The taste of authentic kimchee still lingers (in my mouth and clothes lol), I can still recall our flamboyant tourguide’s face and I still have urges now and then to visit Dongdaemun and shop until 5am.

One thing I regret is not buying as many Korean cosmetic products as I have done in my past visits.  I did not want my boyfriend to stand awkwardly and helplessly in the corner of the store being trampled by other Japanese tourist. I really did not feel a need to hoard since our Korean town, Shin-Ookubo(新大久保), has been opening shops carrying Korean cosmetics.  Nonetheless, the brand names they carry are very limited, leaving me with less choices; less new findings.

I want to thank Luview for assigning me as their Power Angel (which is cool because my dad's actual name is Angel) and especially want to thank Lina, who is an awesome beauty blogger, for introducing me to Luview.  

This is my first ever sponsored review and just as a disclaimer, I was not paid to do this. Luview was very generous in sending me their products to try and I will be reviewing them a little at a time since reviews will be both in English and Japanese. 

このブログではじめて日本語で打ち込みます。皆さんが暖かく読んで頂ければ。。。助かります(笑)。 よろしくお願い致します。m(_ _)m



LUVIEWは20~30代、特にオリエンタル(アジア)の女性達をターゲットしている韓国の人気ブランドです。その人気さの秘密は商品に使われている、アジア清浄地域で 厳選された天然ミネラル成分と11種植物性茶成分で、LUVIEWのいわゆるオリエンタルフォミューラーです。これで、女性の肌に優しく、自然な仕上げを提供しながら、LUVIEWのHPによると「老化と色素沈着の重要原因である太陽から肌を効果的に保護し 皺改善、美白機能、紫外線遮断をKFDAから認証」を受けます。




Sooooooooo, today I will be reviewing the product I've been constantly admiring on Luview's website: CRYSTAL COVER BB CREAM.

I am a sucker for BB creams, especially from Korea.  I am also a sucker for this sleek glass container.  

This cream is made from jewelry ingredients melted into botanical tea.  How natural does that sound?  It provides coverage, whitening (KFDA certified), UV protection (KFDA certified) and improvement for wrinkles. This means, no sunblock or foundation are required.  Just this one bottle. And best of all, it is compatible with all skin types.


Botanical teas  植物性茶 (photo courtesy of

Jewelry ingredients  宝石材料    (photo courtesy of

I have really bad acne scars so the fact that I could cover my scarfs (that I unfortunately got recently) with one layer is amazing. The finishing is so radiant and smooth without any yucky sticky skin. :) With another layer, it leaves a more matte finish.  If only I could wear this cream all over my body. lol


Light beige & Natural beige -ライトベージュ・ナチュラルベージュ

My scarf I got from Korea is gone! lol

Coverage(カバー力): ★★★☆
Price(値段): ★★★☆ ($25.20. Compared to big brand names that I bought, this is pretty affordable) (¥3,000 (税込¥3,150)高級ブランドより安いので嬉しいです。)
Pros (利点): Great coverage, natural ingredients, sleek casing(カバー力がすごい、自然な材料を使用されている、スレンダーなボトル)
Cons (欠点): Because it's mainly targeting Asian skin tones, the range of colors are few.  Although the color was okay with me since my arm is darker than my face, I could go for a tad bit darker tone. (色の種類が少ない。私の肌の色はナチュラルベージュより黒いかも。。。)


They will be opening their first shop in Japan this month! I can't wait to go and check it out.

And also, don't forgot to check out Luview's Mega-Giveaway!


Photo courtesy of

Enter for a chance to win LUVIEW products and an Angel Tee! I will be choosing 5 winners and the winners will receive two products of their choice plus the t-shirt!! All you have to do is "LIKE" all their fan pages on Facebook. Here are the URLS!

On the LUVIEW GLOBAL page, please write on the wall your nationality and say why you like LUVIEW.  For those who haven't tried their products yet, say why you think it'll be good or if you like the appearance or concept of it. 

最後にLUVIEW GLOBALサイトにて、お名前、国籍、及びクチコミを書いてください。当たりますと、出荷料を払えなければならいないので、ご注意ください。申し込んだ際、かならず私にご連絡くださいね~~
イベントは12月1~25日(クリスマス)までです。 皆さんGood Luck!

Also, I forgot to mention this before but if you did enter, please let me know so I can add you to the list. :) 

Additional entry: if you could re-post this giveaway on your page, that'd be awesome!  

Good luck! 

 Good luck, ladies and possibly gentlemen!

And I'm really sorry about the follower thing.  It's really really urking me right now but idk what to do.  Hope you guys will bare with me on this. :( Blogger, if you're reading this, can you please fix the changing blog url system? :(

Anyway, I'll be blogging more about my Korea trip, more LUVIEW make-up reviews and some Christmas photo goodness. Cherrio! 


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halo malaysia luview angel here~ i am following your site too, really wish to learn more about japan culture ^^ glad to met u =D

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