Jan '12 SWEET x Marc by Marc Jacobs

Picked up an issue this month because it featured my favorite brand, Marc Jacobs.  I love magazine extras!! It's like you get them for free but you actually bought the mag and freebies in an entirety. Here's what was inside:

Marc Jacob monochrome pouches.  

It fit my wallet! 

The larger pouch can fit my LumixGF1 (yeahyuh) and the smaller pouch can fit probably 3 iPhones or like 10 sanitary pads. lololol

There's also a desk calendar included for next year.  Work will be much more exciting now with this! :O

Sorry for the crappy picture editing.

I skimmed through the mag last night before bed and I really love the concept although I feel like this magazine targets business women or women with sugar daddies.  High-end brands on each page and a 10-page spread of expensive jewelry.  What kind of woman would buy jewelry for themselves??!  If only . . . If only . . .

P.S. Giveaway ends this Sunday.  If you haven't entered, please do so now! Residents in Japan do not have to worry about shipping. :)

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