Christmas the Japanese way

WE'VE DONE IT GUYS! We pre-ordered our KFC Christmas pack a month ago and was able to devour it all without regrets this past weekend.(。・ω・。)

I was literally saying "tada~~!" in this picture

Stereo typically in Japan, Christmas is celebrated with a loved one rather than with family.  One only celebrates with their family usually during their childhood. If you don't have a loved one, you either drink all night with your friends because you have no lover, or drink because you have neither and despise this day.

Venturing out on Christmas day is practically the same as going out on any other day except it's freaking crowded.  I'm not kidding.  We waited almost 10 minutes to cross a road that you could've crossed in 10 seconds. (◎_◎;) But this is not as ridiculous as waiting 15 minutes to use the bathroom (WTF how do old people hold it in?!).

Of course there are the illuminations and mini-events going on but nothing more special than going out the week before.


The taste of Japan?

For dinner, you can either risk your time and patience trying to eat somewhere fancy or do what others do and eat fried chicken.  As I recall, KFC was the only place you could purchase these dinner packages.  Now, you can purchase them at local convenience stores and even McDonalds! (/・0・) 


We decided on KFC just to be "traditional" and purchased their Christmas pack which came with fried chicken legs, chicken strips, caeser salad, a whole chocolate cake and a seasonal KFC plate (what a keepsake!).  All for 3,999yen! I think that's a pretty good deal for 2-3 people.  It even came in a intimidating bucket (•ิ_•ิ) We tralala'd back home feeling so accomplished haha

We enjoyed our meal with our feet snuggled in the kotatsu while watching Christmas specials (which are usually music specials). Oh, and not to mention the booze.

How do you celebrate Christmas in your country?^^

I would also like to announce the winners for the LUVIEW giveaway!

Congratulations to the following:
1. Hozumi
2. Juvy
3. Tomomi
4. Kari
5. Helene

The first four winners are all Japanese residents which is what I was initially supposed to lure into this giveaway so they had an automatic win.  As for the last winner, I asked if I could do a drawing for all those who entered who weren't residing in Japan. LUVIEW was so nice to let me do so and the drawing was done through my ghetto method . . .


And at work too. LOLOL

This was the only fair (and nostalgically interesting) way I could do it.  :P

Congrats you guys! Hope you guys enjoy the products because they're great!


I need to thank Marie Lo for being so sweet as to repost this post to her blog! Thank you so much, hun! 


NaNa said…
Oh my the chicken looks so good! Seems like such a fun and interesting christmas!

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