ALEX / CHLOE & F21 collabo

I'm not so crazy about F21 jewelry because they oxidize and fall apart so quickly.  The designs are also a hit-or-miss :/ BUT! When I opened up their webpage the other day I stumbled upon this page and was like ⊙▂⊙

Crosses, black jewelry and rhinestones?! 


And at a generous price, too.  I chose the trio-cross necklace and triangle piercings to match my style.  Decided not to get the cross earrings because it felt tasteless to have matching earrings with necklace. Really wanted the spike necklace but it was a little too heavy for me.  Like it would force me to have an even bad posture than I have now. ( ;´Д`)

Really need to stop buying clothes and jewelry. At least until I finally move out (>_<。)

Mint also did her review/mini-awesome-photoshoot on this collab as well so go check that out.^∇^

2011 is almost over. Can you believe it?!  I'll be celebrating with friends at Tokyo Tower for their countdown and then pulling an all nighter just to pray at a famous temple.  I'm not scared of the crowd or possibly suffocating, I'm scared of the cold weather TwT  I bought a lot of kairo which are little heat pads. I'm sensitive to the cold so I have to put a little more effort in bundling up so I won't be a popsicle. ;3;

Early Happy New Year to everyone!


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