My pet mouse--err, cat.

I feel as if I'm starting anew although all my entries have remained and my followers are still following (I hope). My comments are in the process of retrieval but still not quite sure if it'll work *crosses fingers*

Thanks everyone for being so patient and cordial about this.

So, we've reached mid-November and Tokyo has had fluctuating climate changes.  It reached below 10゜C for the first time this year and I got out of bed reluctantly today. I really need to buy a new winter coat.  I seriously only own two. :(  Will probably check around this weekend. :D

I must share my new mouse for my computer. My first ever wireless mouse and it is sooooo adorable!

There are many different types to choose from but of course, I picked the cat.

Picture credit to designboom.

The tail is actually a USB to connect your mouse to your computer.  Isn't that neat?

Probably the only default is that wireless mouses require batteries. And that I have to switch off the button under the mouse every time I turn off my computer to save the batteries. BUT IT'S TOO CUTE TO EVEN CARE. Thank you boyfriend for convincing me to get this. :3

I also jumped on the LOOKBOOK ( bandwagon so if any of you have an account, you know where to find me.  I'm already hated by the system and had a picture deleted because it contained more than two people.  It was me and Juvy in our kigurumis.  -sigh-  Why are these sites so strict :(

The weekend is almost here and I can't wait! Been taking a beating at work with my asshole co-workers. Karaoke and dates with the bf this week.  I cannot wish for anymore than to spend time with him. :3

Good night, all!


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