My Closet from April ~ Oct 2011

It's been a while since I've done this.  Just haven't had time to take a pic of my outfit everyday :(   It's actually been . . . more than 6 months since! 

My boy boy and I are escaping to Seoul, Korea this weekend.  Time to restock up on cosmetics, brush up on my Korean and eat everything spicy.  It'll be exciting.  I haven't been there for over a year D:  At least now I have a better camera to take decent pictures. :)  

Until then, take a gander at my coordinates. 

Gray cardigan: UNIQLO
Scarf: Off-brand
Moss (?) green tank: American Apparel
Gray bleached jeggings: UNIQLO  

Hat: bought from Rakuten
Skull Tee: from Harajuku
Short denim: Cecil McBee

Leather jacket: OBEY
Red scarf: F21
Stripe one piece (that I had to throw away after because bleach stains D:): American Apparel
Leggings; UNIQLO

Romper: Off-brand
Tights: F21
Blazer: F21

New shoes from Shimokitazawa! They were only $30 :O 

Accessories: Monomania
Leopard print mini skirt: SPINS
Longsleeve baseball shirt: JSG

I tried to pair it with Mighty's beautiful studded bag.  
I want one of my own one day :P


thank you, Jenniferr :)
and thanks again! I just came back and I'm so tired ~__~
Thanks, Sara. I really like looking at your coordinates as well! I haven't had time to check back at your older entries or even the recent ones :( but the entries I do catch, I really love how you use a lot of color and put them together to actually MATCH. :)
d'aww thanks :D
i miss yaaaaaa omggggg
you gotta od your outfit shots! just snap one every day. like leave a mirror right at your door hehe
They really have. I can't make up my mind @x@
Thank you! I should! but I don't have enough clothes for that hehe
thank you :DDD i'm glad you like them!
;) you are pretty well-rounded (is that the right word? lol) when it comes to fashion.
will post up pictures soon!
Thanks! Seoul was amazing.
Skulls are a definite BUY from me whenever they're on clothes hehe
definitely nothing i can wear in hawaii :((( kind of bummed about that. unless i go to ice palace lol but i can't skate. couple outfits?! hahaha we need someone to take a pic of us :((( and i couldn't find those kind of tees in korea
OtherMix said…
Oh! That would be nice! ;D
nJenniferr ~ said…
you look adorable in every pic dear! <3
and woooooot Korea?? your so lucky! i hope you have funn! ;D
Guest said…
Have fun in Seoul, cannot wait for the pictures :D
I also love your outfits, rompers are so cute, especially the one you have!
I also love that skull tee, I love shirts with skulls on them :]
Guest said…
Glad you had fun :]
Definitely agree.
LOL I KNOW RIGHT. Juvy never comments us ;3;
Pinksugarichigo said…
and oh hi monica spam on your comments
Pinksugarichigo said…
hello you haven't replied to mine.!!! GRRRR rawrrr
Juvy Yamilao said…
omg is this how long i haven't been on your blog?!?!?!?!

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