Jail Bar: the LOCK-UP

Dare to go in?

Probably the most eerie/kinky/eye-fascinating izakaya that I have ever been to. As much as I may seem to enjoy dark and gothic music, fashion and what not; I am DEATHLY afraid of monsters.  Right upon entering the bar, I was wailing like a bitch and regretting even planning this dinner.  I did not want to even open the door after hearing the screams coming from inside.  What happens once you open the door will remain a secret. :x 

We were escorted by a playboy-esque police officer in handcuffs.

The overall theme was obviously a jail or some sort of torture institute.  Lighting was minimal and there was constant metal and screamo BGM (right on).  Each cell was designed to be your dining area and your servant; a fellow prison mate. 

Once we sat down, I took off my shoes and sat Indian style in fear of something grabbing my ankles from below (I am such a pussy) and then the feast began.

The drink menu.

What I believe dragged me into here was the selection of drinks.  I can't think of any other place in the world that would serve drinks in beakers or test tubes.

Experimenting different flavors

The food had fancy names but unfortunately did not have the same level or presentation as the drinks.

A lot of fried food.  Feel just like home (America). 

Rating: ★★★

The coolest themed bars out there yet! The drinks and dishes are a little overpriced for the quality, though.  Nonetheless, a must SEE/DO. 
Price: It's okay. lol   2,000~3,000yen per person.
Location: 33-1 Udagawa-cho (at the end of Center-gai) near Sega Arcade

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