New earrings (lazy post)

Agh, I really want to update more but I've been too busy/tired/lazy to do so.  I'm so behind with everything and my pictures are piling up so I thought I'd just get some out there.  So, I bought peacock feather earrings and huge emerald studs the other day.  I have yet to mix and match them with my wardrobe.  Can't wait to do so :)

New errrrangs.

What do you guys think?  Sorry, I took all these pictures with my iPhone so the quality is meh.

I'm wearing my favorite zipper piercings in this.  I love piercings so much @_@

I got to meet a crazy cool band this week at a live and they were really nice, down-to-earth guys.  Who I met is a secret . . .  unless you can keep it a secret. :x

Hope y'all are having a great week! 



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