Free Factory Shimokitazawa

Cozy cafe in the heart of Setagaya ward, Shimokitazawa.

I was introduced to this place by my friend--who is a chef--three years ago and recently stumbled upon it with whilst shopping last month.

Complimentary ice cream, chicken wrap, and Jamaican Jerk chicken.

Duffy enjoyed himself, too.

What I love about this cafe is that the people are really chill. Feel free to grab an art/photography book and sit back and relax with your coffee and jazz music playing in the background.

Their food is great! It's as if I'm over at my friend's place to have lunch.

One downer this time was that the taco rice we wanted was sold out and our order took a while. But they made it up with two scoops of ice cream and caramel sauce. :9 They sure do know how to treat their customers well.

Menu (source):

Rating: ★★★☆☆
Chill atmosphere, great food. Just need to work on the availability of their dishes (4/8 were sold out)
Price: Reasonable. Lunch range 500~1,500yen.
Location: One minute walk from Shimokitazawa Station (click)

Sorry I haven't been keeping up lately.  Juvy came to stay for a week so we were both busy do our own thang.  I'll have to blog about it soon :3  ...along with many other entries I have been putting off.

With that said, everyone have a great weekend!

With love,


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