La Boheme


I have been playing tourist for some time now. I find it a great opportunity to visit places that I haven't been to since he's always up for an adventure without expecting for me to know my way around (because most of the time I'm winging it).

I visited Jiyuugaoka (自由が丘) not to long ago for lunch at La Boheme.

Believe it or not, this is a restaurant chain that can be found in major cities here. The interior is gorgeous and makes for fine sophisticated dining under sparkling chandeliers. Although, I would think that dinners would be much more beautiful.

Started off with wine cocktails; we had the Yuzu Apple Sour and the Frozen Cassis. I have this obsession with cassis (I believe made from blackcurrant berries) anything because I don't think we have them back in Hawaii or America for that matter.

Pairing with our drinks was the fried calamari with tar tar dipping sauce.

For our main dishes; La boheme mix pizza (shrimp, bacon, green peppers, cheese) with chili oil and peperoncini.

This was definitely a fitting place to celebrate our anniversary. Great hospitality and this is most likely the best Italian place you can go to if you're not rich and want to feel pretty rich. I would love to visit the location in Shibuya because I heard the interior is 10x more gorgeous. Unfortunately, it always seems crowded so I'll just have to try my luck and be patient.

La Boheme

Rating: ★★★★☆
 Excellent atmosphere, price, quality/taste.
Price: Reasonable. Lunch for two around 4,000~6,000yen
Location: Many. Mainly in Tokyo metropolitan, though.
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