After fawning over this bag for so long, I finally brought up courage and hard-earned money to purchase one. My hands when I handed the store clerk my credit card.

But omfg, it's worth every penny. It's the triangle patterns architecturally put together, resembling a bee hive. Because of it's flexible material (I think the black material is like a mesh or fish net cloth or something idk), the bag can be altered and folded into various shapes. Origami bag!

The material is durable with adjustable leather straps. The store clerk boasted that this bag is capable of carrying a few laptops.

I really feel inspired by this bag because it's so edgy yet so elegant!
I'm totally in love with this design. Issey Miyake is a genius.

After coming home from work, now I can drop my bags and see a beautiful creation as so:

There are different sizes, colors and designs. The bag I purchased was the BILBAO LUCENT BASICS, priced at a merciless price of 21,000yen. D: Oh, well. It's not like I splurge like this all the time (not).

ISSEY MIYAKE BAO BAO bag official website here.
Also for the complete list of products here.

Just a random picture I took at Laforet the other day. They featured live art and I have no idea who this was because there were no signs but apparently she hates dicks but likes to draw them on her shirt. I still admire her style.

I'm so grateful for the Obon vacation I will be having this weekend. 5 consecutive days away from work is just what I need. Hmm . . . where should I go? What should I do? :)

Hope you all are doing good!

xoxo Monica-Ai

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