Raising the notch a little higher

It's been over a week!

Sorry for not being a diligent blogger. Work is finally starting to calm down but I've been busy going out and trying to stay away from the heat (which is impossible when most places in Tokyo have set their ACs on weak).

For those who have never experience the summer weather in Japan, it is like a whole day in a sauna. My hair was at that awkward stage whereas it was not long enough to do a cute top bun and not short enough to stray away from dripping sweat and looking like a wet dog. I could have just gotten it trimmed to be how it was 2 months ago but I try not to keep the same haircut because I get tired easily. So, after contemplating on styles and dieting a bit, I decided to get this haircut:

Out of all the haircuts I've ever gotten, this was the best experience. I felt a little reluctant to get my haircut by my friend at his salon because he never let's me pay D: so I decided to visit a random hair salon in Harajuku called Coii.

The shop and it's prices.

Fashion centrals such as Harajuku, Omotesando and Shimokitazawa are famous for their unique oshare (trendy) hair salons with peaking price ranges. Luckily for me, Coii just had their grand opening and had a special for 4,000 yen (about $43) haircuts.

My stylist was super friendly and we talked for the entire time. I barely even touched the magazines they handed me at the beginning because our conversation was apparently more entertaining. Time just went by fast.

The right and left side.

Here you can see what kind of style I was going for. I've always had a fetish for asymmetric fashion: clothes, earrings (wearing a huge earring on one side) and hair.
I was totally inspired when I saw Shiina Ringo on the the new cover of Lips at the train station a few weeks ago. I even posted it on Tumblr. Although, I did not go as dramatic for I don't have an enticing mystical face that she does. Anyway, my stylist knew what I wanted and got it done in a quick hour. Now my mornings are less hectic since my hair doesn't need to be straightened or actually styled.

Check our stylists hairstyles here:

I am definitely going back. I feel really comfortable with this stylist and I wouldn't mind paying the extra $10 just as long as I know I can trust the person cutting my hair.

C o i i
Access info:
東京都渋谷区神宮前3-21-2-2F (2nd Floor 3-21-2 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku)
A 5~7 min walk from Harajuku Station
Open daily from 12am~ 10pm (Weekends and holidays 11am~10pm)

Yummaaay :3

Well, time to head on off to bed!

Good night, all zzZZz

xoxo Monica-Ai

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