Nekorobi: Cat Cafe :3 nyaa~~o

I have always had a soft spot for cats. Given that they are easy-going, tranquill and self-cleaners, they're very therapeutic. Whenever I was stressed out from studying, I would go up to my cat every now and then all my trouble would be gone for that spare moment. I sound like a crazy cat lover--but, I am! I literally grew up with cats because my parents refused to buy me a dog because they protested that having one was required too much attention.

Now in Japan, I am separated from my kitty, Luna, who is actually my 4th cat atm.
I miss her and I miss having a cat around to the point where I decided to visit a cat cafe.

Recalling my blogger friend, Sara, I remember she had visited a couple of cat cafes and decided to check one out.

 N E K O R O B I

Interior (fairly busy that day (´_`。))

Once you go inside you are greeted by the staff (all of which were very kind; you can tell they loved their job) who then introduces the cafe and the many rules they have. Although there are a lot of rules, majority of them are common sense: wash your hands, don't harass the cats, don't use flash when taking pictures etc. As you can see in the picture above, there's a huge vending machine with hot and cold drinks. Everything is included with the fee as well as all you can eat snacks.

Top right you can see a table with pens and snacks. They have a guestbook for you to sign/leave a note. There are also photo albums for each cat, some of them dressed up in seasonal costumes. ^^

I love this! "I'll just come and sit right here. RIGHT ON TOP OF YOU."

Nappy kitties. (。-ω-)zzz.

There a snack break where the staff hands a package of snacks to each customer to feed the cats. This is where they get a bit feisty.

 A I S H A

I ADORE Scottish Fold cats and she was soooooooo gorgeous & lovable.

I just picked her up and laid her on my lap and she just took a nap right there. GAH

3F Tact T.O Building, Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toyoshima-ku, Tokyo (behind Sunshine City)

Cafe hours & rates :
Weekdays 11am-11pm (wow.) /1,000yen first hour, 250 yen afterward for 15 mins
Sat,Sun,Holidays 11am-11pm 1,200 yen first hour, 300 yen afterward for 15 mins (*special* 2,200yen. Must make reservation in advance)

I'm thinking of going back real soon because I'm getting withdrawals again.(ノ△・。)
If any of you live in Tokyo, let's go together! ♪

Trying to get into blogging in my Japanese blog so if any of you have an Ameba, let's be fwendz.

Btw, it only took me until now to realize that I surpassed 300 followers.

Thank you so much guys :D

xoxo Monica-Ai

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