BYS Crimson Red Lipstick Review

Must thank everyone for all your support in my last entry. I am so grateful to have such wonderful follows--no, friends. :)

Here's quick review on my first red lipstick purchase!

I always assumed red lipstick as a very bold color used mainly for show girls, cosplaying, strippers etc. I never believed that it would every match me; especially for my lips because they are kind of plump. My friend recommended that I try it because she thought I would match it (I always fall for these). While were shopping at the cosmetics store, she leaves to find a color for me and comes back with this lipstick:

BYS Lipstick: Crimson Joy

I must admit, it surprisingly was a good change. The only thing that would make the color match well would be if I had a little more pale skin. But then I might seem a little gothic.

I screwed up in the picture order. After → Before

Application is very smooth and moisture is fairly good. I wore this lipstick during my Disney Sea adventure and only had to re-apply 3 times (we were there for more than 10 hours). They were mostly after meals.

What I love about this lipstick is that it never dried out on me. Most lipsticks tend to do so and leave my lips cracked and disgustingly ill-colored.

A definite recommend for those that want to be daring with their makeup. The lipstick only costs 860yen (about $10) which is reasonable considering how awesome it is.

Have a great remainder of your weekend!

xoxo Monica-Ai

Thank you guys <333


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