Maybelline Color Sensation Lipcolor review

Short and sweet review of Maybelline's Color Sensation Lipcolor lipstick I purchased recently and might I add that this is my first ever lipstick!
A recommendation from my wifey. Thank you <333

I had to contemplate a lot over which shade to pick because I wasn't too sure what lip color I had originally (they always say to buy a shader darker).

The reason why I decided to purchase my first lipstick was simply because I felt that it was more sophisticated to put on lipstick rather than gloss. Do you guys ever get that feel? It makes me feel more like an adult when I apply lipstick ;3

First off, let me say that I love the casing. It looks like something Dior or any of those high-end cosmetic brands would sell. So, pretending to be rich is always a plus. The price for the lip color was around 900 yen but I'm sure it's more cheaper overseas.

The color I chose is supposedly "Dream Pink". But I can't seem to find a shade with that name on the Japanese site. It's a fairly light shade of pink with some glimmers.

I love how smooth the application is! Unfortunately, I bought the wrong color. The color I picked was just a tad bit ligher than my natural lip color. Either way, it being not a drastic color change might have been a good idea for a first lipstick.

The color stays on for a good 4~5 hours but I would have to say the default of this line is that the moisturizing doesn't even last an hour. It may just be my sensitive lips or the fact that I am constantly dehydrated. Just slap on some top clear gloss or something and it usually stays for a bit longer.

Overall, I really love it. Although, I am still in doubt that I would purchase another one because I did want a lipstick that would moisturize my lips and prevent it from peeling. I do want to try another darker shade before actually disregarding this lipstick because it's so much more affordable than other brands I've tried.

If you guys have any advice on how to keep lipstick on longer or another brand you can recommend, I'd love you forever. But I already do. :)

xoxo Monica-Ai

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