I'm a survivor. 2011 Japan Tohoku Earthquake.

It took me two days to actually find the strength to type this out. Although, I still quiver when I recall everything.

But, if you didn't know, most of Japan was affected by an enormous earthquake which rippled from the Pacific. It hit the northeast region of Japan incredibly bad.

I was luckily in the office with my other co-workers when the earthquake hit. At first, it felt like a regular earthquake until a few minutes passed, it didn't stop and began to shake more violently. I gathered my things in a heartbeat and ran to the door but was caught off balance and fell to the ground. We all tried to hold on to something and pray that the earthquake could stop and it did.

Without hesitation, we ran down the 6 flights of stairs as fast as we could and went outside to see our building sway forward and back and see people trying to stay on their feet. My first instinct was to call everyone I knew.

Turned on my phone and no reception.
The only thing I had at the time was wi-fi so I instantly went on facebook and twitter to shoutout to all my friends to tell me if they're alright.

I still have very little reception. But I found that all my friends are safe.

I had to stay the night at our company's apartment with all my co-workers and went back home the next morning to grab some stuff and I've been staying with my boss and his wife since. They're so nice to me. I can't believe I"m so blessed with being surrounded by great people who support me. Especially those who care for me on social networking.

I've never been so grateful for things. I've taken things for granted.
People in a few bullet train stops from me are spending their time homeless in rescue centers freezing in a small gym while I'm here eating nabe with good company.

I felt so useless and terrible so I couldn't eat and I still have a hard time eating without feeling so bad. Not only that, sleeping these days have been difficult with earthquakes happening constantly throughout the night. 

This turned out longer than I wanted to write out and probably really scattered than I should have wrote this, but I had to pause in between to calm down. I just want to let you guys know that I'm safe and for others who are in Japan, let's stick together and believe that everything will be alright. Stock up on food and necessary gear for the next few weeks for the eletricity shut downs and always ALWAYS check the news. Not twitter or facebook; the news. There have been dumbasses spreading rumors all around the web of fake news and they should be disregarded.

I was really looking forward to this week with my friend and boyfriend arriving as well as the sid concert. But, these things can't be helped and all I can do is be grateful that I'm a survivor.

I pray for all the victims of the tsunami and hope for their well being.

Love you guys so much.

Sorry, I don't have time to comment back or read your blogs. Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm alright.

xoxo Monica-ai


Anonymous said…
Glad you're okay!
OrangeFay said…
OMG. Thanks God you're safe! You're strong girl..I don't know what will happen to me if I'm in your shoe. Probably I will go weak and down because of the disaster. I pray for you and the others safety!
Principessa said…
I'm glad you're alright! I've already donated to The Salvation Army to help with relief efforts in Japan and I know more people will band together in support of Japan. I hope you can get some sleep soon.
Everybody is praying for Japan.. Oohh..Thank God you're safe.. I'm so glad to hear you are doing okay. No words could really comfort those people but I do hope everything will be okay soon.. Minna, stay strong! (-_-) *praying silently*
Mie said…
Thank you for writing this. Im just glad you are okay. Your boss and wife are good people. I pray for people still at the gym.

Is your friend still going to visit you? Or just your BF??
Bibi said…
I'm glad you and your friends are safe, and that you have a place to stay. I was so shocked and worried when I heard the news on Friday morning. Hun, don't worry about not being able to comment back or read blogs, we know this is the least of your problems or worries at the moment.
The only thing you should be thinking of is yourself and the people you know, to stay safe and warm and help each other get through all this.
Mutsumi said…
I'm glad you're okay and in good company!
Must be horrible to be alone these days...
Keep your head up high and hope for better days! Everyone is praying and donating for Japan ♥
Tini said…
Even though I never commented before, I'm really glad to read you and you're family are alright.
Maybe I live in Germany, and maybe I'm safe and don't have to worry...but since I was little my heart always was and always will be in Japan. The past days I couldn't stop crying...it still feels so unreal...and I'm sitting EVERY minute in front of the news chanel...I feel so very helpless! I loved Japan since ever...and now I'm stuck here on the other side of world and just can't stop watching everyone suffer!!
I wish....I really wish I could do so much more than to donate and to pray!!!

My deepest heartfelt sympathy for everyone, who has to be so strong and is facing this tragedy.

Just want to let you know...the rest of the world is worrying!!

Take good care of yourself!! I'm praying!!
hope to find as many people alive as it can be...be grateful girl and smile for your life :D

hope to find as many people alive as it can be...be grateful girl and smile for your life :D

hope to find as many people alive as it can be...be grateful girl and smile for your life :D

hope to find as many people alive as it can be...be grateful girl and smile for your life :D

さらまり said…
I'm really glad you are alright, take care I am thinking of you and your loved ones.
Maria May said…
It's good to hear that you are safe and your friends are too. Must be a horrible thing to experience. Hope you will recover from you shock soon and everything in japan will be good and back to normal ^^ And wow, your boss and hes wife is really nice people, but i guess in situations like that the only thing you can do is help the people around you ...
リンダ said…
OMG! Thank you for posting! I was so worried and I am so glad you are alright!

My mom told me about the news I thought it was a regular earthquake but then I looked online and was shocked! I could not eat......

I donated (^O^)

I pray for Japan's recovery (Y__Y)

Be safe!!
Amelia said…
Monicaaaaaaa! glad that u r okay! stay safe!!!
Harumi said…
It's my first leaving a comment in your blog but I read it frequently.
I'm really glad you're okay and the family is alright.
News and videos in Spain have been horrible ...
Do not listen to the comments on facebook and other sites, unfortunately there are very insensitive and stupid people ....

I send you much strength to pass this disaster as soon as possible.

Jenny said…
So, so good to hear you're OK!!
Bea said…
Hi Monica~ I'm glad that you're fine.
When I first heard the news on tv, I was shocked.
I still pray for your safety and of Japan.
Momo Tansayni said…
Hey Monica! I'm so glad you're safe. I've been reading your blogs for awhile, and when I heard about the tsunami, I was constantly checking your blogs to see if you were alright. Reading your post today made me feel so much better. Hope everything will get better for you Monica!
Natasha said…
Hey Monica, take your time and keep safe, we'll all be here when you get back to blogging and it is shocking that some people can find joy in a time like this when schools are closed etc. but that's people for you. I donated some money to the Red Cross to help out, but I only had £2.61 left in my account. :( I wished I could have donated more. xxx
Ribka said…
I hope everything will be better as soon as possible..
glad you're safe.

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