My closet: November - Dec 2010 and Rilakkuma goods

I've completely forgot about my outfit posts and have not taken a picture of my outfits for sooooo long.><

Sorry, no make-up.

Floral rompers: ABAB
Tights: got it at some random fashion shop
High cut romance boots: F21
Heat-tech long sleeve: UNIQLO

What I wore to SID's concert.

Sequined skull tank: H&M
Same tights
Skull printed jacket: luzlena
Brown crumpled boots: F21
Dangly necklaces: F21

And to fulfill my obsession with Rilakkuma/Korilakkuma:

I bought honey mustard flavored friend chicken from Lawsons solely because Rilakkuma was printed on the packaging. But it was surprising really delicious :9

Rilakkuma socks for winter. I gave the one on the far right to Juvy for xmas so we can be matching when she comes over to Tokyo next month. :D

That's all for today. It was snowing like crazy yesterday and the cold weather continues on to this morning so I'll be sitting under my blankets until my furniture comes in (finally) today. :)

Have a great weekend! <333

I've uploaded my last two videos on youtube so you can check out the post I put up for those two. They're private links so you can only find them on my blog. ;D I edited some of them with some notes and captions. hehe enjoy!


Principessa said…
I LOVE that second outfit!
DMBY said…
I caught some snow yesterday. . .when I was in Mississippi!!! (for work)
Amy said…
I think I already said this on your post about the SID concert, but I LOVE THAT OUTFIT. That jacket is so cute ;A;
Morgane ☆ said…
I just envy you for SID concert~
And that socks are... ♥. I always say I want cute socks but only calf-high socks have drawings here ; _ ;
Pinkuchu said…
your outfits are always so well coordinated && cute♥
youre so stylish ai~chan ^ o ^

ahhh the rilakkuma socks are adorable :3
Krishuang said…
The jacket is niceeee =). haha cute socks x)
♡Yumeko said…
Awww,you look so good with both outfits!^__^* U have really pretty clothes!<3<3<3
And i LOVE the rilakkuma socks!( ^u^)
Fanny said…
I love u'are outfits ^^
super-rabbit said…
Uwaa, love the second outfit! It's sooo 2NE1-style! :D!
for a sec i thought you were minji XD

aanyway, thanks for visiting and following <33
さらまり said…
You know I love that concert outfit, its really cool XD
Emy said…

Love love love your coordinates!
And omg those rilakkuma socks are adorable!
Anonymous said…
I love the second one! I'm not so sure about the white belt in the first one :/

In reply, well first I shall go to college there, and in my last year I shall have (hopefully) an internship! ;D
Haein said…
Cute outfits! You can seriously pull off anything~

I miss you already! Sorry we saw each other for such brief moments!
Hello Naka said…
cute socks! ur 2nd outfit looks really warm :3 i missed ur outfit posts!
Wakako said…
love you outfits!! Personally I like the first one more <3
And the Rilakkuma socks are so cute~~
Bea said…
I like your 2nd outfit. :)

awesome, you're partly filipino?
your japanese blood dominates more on you. ^^
Ribka said…
the socks are soooo cute!!! :D
karisuma gyaru said…
hey! i like the jacket with skulls!!! XD

oh btw, i think you were still in hawaii when i went to tokyo that time!! i'm going again next weekend though! ^_^ but i'm pretty booked for that one already.. haha. actually, i don't have a way to get in touch with you!! mail me at karisumagyaru dot gmail dot com and i'll send you my keitai mail ^_- i might go to tokyo again in march for a live!! ^_^
リンダ said…
Adorable romper!
Love your outfit for the SID concert. Especially your jacket

Rilakkuma/Korilakkuma are the BEST!!
YAY furniture!!! (^O^)
Phony said…
Cute outfit!! *-*
Saving Capulet said…
oh my good the 2nd outfit, i fell in looovee!!! <3 <3 <3

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