Linea Storia: Wig review.

For my loyal followers who have seen my v-log on wigs, it has already been established that I adore wigs. I love how they can change a persons image instantly without all the hassle of going to the salon and getting it done. It's convenient and cheap as long as you know where to shop.

As of late, I have been purchasing my wigs from Prisila from their main store in Harajuku. The quality is top notch yet I always had trouble choosing between one or the other because they were a bit pricey.

So, I tried the next best thing which was Rakuten. It's sort of like an ebay website where you can search from many sellers on practically anything you're looking for. I searched for "full wigs" and came out with a ton of hits. I clicked on the rankings and of course, Prisila was in first. I clicked this next link: Linea Storia

And it was just as if I opened a fridge door to see all my favorite foods. *________*

Every wig was perfect and in-style but I was skeptical of the prices because they were so inexpensive there was an attracting "free shipping" advertisements. I decided to narrow my decisions to one wig to see the quality of it just in case I was being fooled.

Well, that wig came in a few days ago and once again *_________*

I chose the Dream Long Wig in Ichigo-makaron (Strawberry Macaroon) because I wanted to go for a color that I've never tried--although, it was pretty risky of me. The color turned out to be a bit darker than the sample photo but, I like it better that way; doesn't seem so cosplay. haha

The quality is not as great as Prisila but I don't find it noticeably fake. The hair is very soft and sleek with light curls--just the way I wish my hair would be. And the best thing is that you can use your iron on these products without damaging them.

Without and with a hat on.

Compared to Prisila long wigs that cost up to 10,000yen, this wig only cost me 4,680 yen. That's more than half off! And if I'm not mistaken, I believe there was a "ship internationally" option for when I was checking out. So, for anyone that's interested, please take a look!

I just ordered their bob wig and will be doing a review on that once I receive it. :D

purikura I took that day with my friend.

Btw, I just realized that my last entry was my 100th post. yaaaaaaaay . .. *fades out*

IN OTHER NEWS, I received my SID (シド) tickets last night for two anticipated major revenues: Yohokama arena and Yoyogi Taikukan. Who would have known that the seats would be better than my last live. I'm super ecstatic to enjoy a night with four sexy men serenading me.

Have a great weekend. xoxo

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