Sculpt gel test: Christmas Nails

Hello loves!

Well, the time has come! I'm all packed up and ready to go. :)

Just wanted to post up a last entry before tomorrow's flight.

A month ago, I bought my own gel nail set complete with UV light, clear gel, color gels and rhinestones and all that good stuff. My first attempt with gel was very long and tedious process. For those who are thinking of trying it out, make sure you read all the instructions and prep well or else it'll be a very messy experience. That first time took 2 hours and it was only a glitter gradient design.

Then I purchased a sculpt gel set this past weekend and decided to try it out. Sculpt gel is basically for creating 3-D sculptures on your fingers. I made a little winter design for before I go back home. Total: 2.5 hours. yessah.

Right hand:

The heart got messed up and the snowman came out obese.

Too much eggnog for this guy.

Left hand:

It's funny because I'm actually left-handed but this side came out way nicer than the other side. Must be because I started with my right side first. Trial and error. :P

Nice shaped snowman. :3

If I don't have time, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hope you spend it with the ones you care about most.




リンダ said…
I'm excited that you will be visiting home (^O^)

Ooooooooo!! I want to try gel nails but very scared to. XDXD
I like your obese snowman it's cute!!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday too!
ohh ilove your nails!! n.n
karisuma gyaru said…
oh cool! i always get my nails done here, and i love it! but it's ridiiiiiiiiiculously expensive... T_T i wish i could learn to do it on my own, but i am just not that ambidextrous... haha. mad props to you!!

have fun home!! i still have to wait two more days before taking off and i'm just bouncing off my chair already!!! lol.
Kami said…
Waa looks very cool ^^' I wish I could good at fixing my nails but I'm not so I usually settle with some nailpolish or nothing haha. Hav fun at home, Merry Christmas ^^'
さらまり said…
Wow, what a cute design you came up with!! The pink with snowmen is too adorable. What a great job you did^^
Tricia Isabela said…
LOL! Obese snowman... :P I really love your nails! Your second attempt came out to be reeeally good! ♥

Have a safe and fun trip!! ^__^
Dolly said…
Wow, seriously nice work for doing it by yourself!! Very christmassy too~ <3

I need to buy a set myself, I always get lazy for refills. :(
Ellie Lee said…
So pretty!!! Your snowman looks super cute!!
steffy♥kitty said…
You're so patient .. I don't ever paint my nails (let alone remember to trim them).
Bianca said…
cute cute cute, i wish i spent more time on my nails but i usually paint them once a month until they chip up like crazy in tomboy like colours like army green...

urs are sooo festive tho ;)
Ken said…
oOo i have to show this to my gf!
Winnie said…
Hope you have a lovely Christmas!! Love the nails, they're so festive!!
Haein said…
Oh my goodness, your nails are TOO cute!!! I'm jealous and impressed! Btw, I love your little clip with Mighty below and I'm excited to see you soon even though I'm not there right this minute! Hope you and Mighty have an awesome Christmas!!! <3 It's almost somebody's birthdayyyy ;)
Stevie-Lyn said…
wow, i'm impressed! me and my friends always talk about how we need to learn how to do our own gel nails...but we never actually do it! >o< it must be tough to do your left hand(or right if you're left-handed :P)!

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