Just a week left!

As the year finally draws to an end, you could only imagine how many things I've accumulated. I plan to spend this next weekend tidying up and getting rid of unwanted junk for new junk. haha Especially these great buys I acquired this past weekend.

Merit's shampoo brush.
I have been yet again enticed by my oh-so-friendly cosme.net and found this product to be one of the best products for hair care.

More products if you click :3

I, myself, have never cared or found these brushes to be useful. I mean, we have fingers to do the job right? WRONG. Especially for those with long nails are unable to clean the scalp in a delicate and hygienic (dirt under nails) manner. And the root of problematic unlively hair is probably . . . the roots. Make sure that your scalp is clean and treated just as if it were your face because it actually is a part of your face (you can get wrinkles there, too! agh).

So far, I find shampooing much more easier with this product and it's very relaxing because the bristles put the right amount of pressure to your scalp making a good scrub down into a nice head spa massage. These brushes are pretty affordable: 500yen.
I'm definitely bringing this with me on my trip.

Also featured on cosme.net was this ICHIKAMI's hair treatment. I first found out about this line when Koda Kumi was advertising it on TV so I decided to try this one out. Leave in for 2 minutes and wash out. The results came out fairly good but I still think that Shiseido's TSUBAKI treatment is by far the best one out there.

And finally, my facial pick-me-upper: Collagen.

I'm not a believer in the pill-type collagens nor do I stick with the drink supplements (because they're so costly). For the past two months, I have been trying this product out: LOTTE'S COLLAGEN 10000 + Vitamin C.

This is the powder type so all you have to do is mix it in your food--preferably hot/warm drinks. I tried it with my miso soup and yogurt and it didn't taste that great. I recommend mixing it in milk. I really love this product because I actually see results the next morning (it's best to take this before going to bed) when I put my foundation on. It smears on smoothly and my skin looks more "awake". One package last about a month and only cost 1,900yen (roughly $21). I have skipped out on some occasions where I wasn't at home to take it and I notice a difference the next morning and it sucks. :( I am forever hooked.

Just wanted to share what I did this past weekend. *Start of fangirl mode*

I partied out at Tokyo Dome to watch SID's year end climax live. Can you say front row?! :3 well, not exactly front row but I was close enough to see leg hairs.

If you want to know more about me, you have to know that I'm a major SID fan or visual kei fan for that matter. And it's not just because of their anime character looks but their music! The melodies are catchy and unique and the lyrics written by their vocalist are so beautiful and well thought out that I always feel like I'm reading a novel. I was first introduced to them by a friend who had an extra invitation ticket. Never thought much of visual kei but after watching these guys live, I was so impressed. From then on, my love for visual kei blossomed.

This is the exact performance I watched at that live 3 years ago and the song that made me fall in love with Mao's (vocalist) writing and singing style. *swoons* If you have time, have a listen :D

*end of mode*

And of course, I felt obliged to dress for the occasion with my very favorite leopard print vest. During the concert, I made some friends next to me who commented on my outfit. :3 Which was nice of them because their outfits were much more nicer than mine seeing that they were lolita girls.

I think this will be my last blog until I arrive in Hawaii and start vlog-ing with my Rilakkuma. I'm so exciteeeeeeeeeed! Promise to bring fun stuff to the table!

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