Hitachi: FACECRIE review

Japanese electronics have wowed me yet again!
This is probably not the type of electronic you were thinking of, though.

Hitachi's FACECRIE ion cleanser.

Last month (it's December now AHHHH) I was browsing through my trustful site and came across this little gadget that ranked in the top five for skin care products.

Although, this is not recommended for removing make-up directly, I like to use this to remove the excess residue left behind because we all know that no matter how much we cleanse the face with make-up remover, the dirt is not completely washed away.


The preparation of the cleansing is done in a few simple steps:
  1. Open the top latch and place a cotton pad (preferably square) centered on top the black portion and close.

2. Use your favorite toner and damp the whole area of the protruding cotton. I like to use my Skin Food toner that I bought a while back. To be sure that you applied enough, press your finger gently on the cotton to see if it squeezes out some of the toner. You want to be sure to put a lot on there since you will be using it for your entire face.

3. Turn the switch on with the white button and pick the level from 1-4 with the other button. Level 1 being for the most sensitive skin and Level 4 for intense cleansing. I always choose 4 (evil grin)

4. Lightly brush your skin with the damp cotton always starting from the middle of your face and going outwards. You can look at the little diagram on their site. As much as possible, avoid overcleansing areas where you have acne. Do this for 3 minutes. The great thing is that there's automatic timer so when the 3 minutes are up, it beeps and automatically turns off. Also, if you were wondering, you don't feel ANYTHING when you use this and there's no sound at all. So don't be alarmed when you feel like nothing's happening.

5. Open the lid and remove and toss (or you can examine it like I do) it in the trash. Where all dirty things belong. :P

This is how my cotton turned out the first time I used it.

I had to darken the picture so you could see it better. Look at all that dirt! Makes me feel sick to know that I used to just leave in that dirt thinking that the make-up remover removed it all.

Very satisfied with my purchase. I use it ritually after I get out of the shower and I can tell my skin has been looking healthier. I got it off of Amazon (Japan) for less than $50. The retail price is actually $150 and I thought that was ridiculous. They come in different colors too! Hope all of you get a chance to try it or find something similar to it because we should all be able to sleep knowing that our faces are thoroughly cleansed.

Thanks to all the lovely comments on my last post. I was actually very nervous before receiving comments. (><) You guys are great!

Have a nice week! :3



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May @ Rad said…
That is so useful! I'm so tempted to get my hands on one.. :3
Principessa said…
I think we have something similar here. I've seen commercials but I can't remember what it's called. Maybe from Biore?
un petit lapin said…
Is it battery operated? I feel sick thinking how dirty my skin must be!

PS I like the new polka dot background!
Rebecca Lau said…
thanks for the post, it seems very usefull! :D
リンダ said…
I love when you do reviews on Japanese products (^O^)
I read that there is a lot of residue left over from makeup removers and I agree. XD It such a nifty little devise.

Cute nails!!

LOL! I forget about my blog sometimes.
Awww your welcome it is very sweet that you appreciate your followers comments.

I heard it was a good concert. They said he was happy....I'm assuming when he was in KAT-TUN he was unhappy???

XDXD It is hard not to think I am not fat anymore when I've been big all my life.

How do people exercise in Japan??
Pop Champagne said…
this sounds like a good product. and it's rediculous how much the mark up on these things is sometimes!!
Sachie said…
I really wonder how this works, haha :)
But it looks great I wanna get one too! :P
It's a bit expensive though.
But looks like it really works, so must be worth it :)
Sachie said…
Btw, I tagged you for a blog award and interview ^-^

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