My closet: October - November 2010

Hola~ <3

Just here to show you some of my coordinates for this past month. I kept forgetting to take picture of my outfits because I lose track of time when I get ready.

It's been a while since I've dressed so girlie.
White turtleneck: UNIQLO
Overal bubble skirt: Cecil McBee
Polyester leggings: TOP SHOP
White laced kitten heel boots: Jelly Beans
Clam open purse: Cole Hann

More outfits after the cut!

Monochrome. Nothing new here :P
T-shirt: LDS
Knit beret: Forever21
Polka dot leggings with bow: one spo
Black wedged pumps: Salus

The lastest trends.
Rabbits ears (aka "usa-mimi"): 109Shibuya
Fury detachable ankle wamers: 109Shibuya
Over the shoulder top: American Apparel
Floral print bubble shorts: bella arnie
Gold heart necklace: Forever21

Starbucks day.
Black long sleeves: UNIQLO
Plaid blue scarf: Metropark
Gray purse: Metropark
Skinny jeans: GAP
Black wedged pumps: Salus

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo . . . that's all I've got. haha sorry :(

But, I do want to share this great video that's receiving great reviews. It's a mini movie from Wong Fu productions featuring the Hawaii-born YouTube star, Ryan Higa. Notice how his accent is similar to mine in my vblog? :P

Maybe most of you have seen it, if not, YOU MUST. I literally laughed my ass off rolling on the floor.


Mutsumi said…
Oh ♥ Great outfits
Sher said…
Oh, I absolutely adore the first outfit! Must be because I'm a girlie girl myself haha:P

And I'm jealous of how you could wear all those latest trends, I'll probably get lotsa stares if I wore those out here:)

Cute outfits, I want those ankle warmers! and it is my dream to shop at Shibuya 109... sigh.. someday...
DMBY said…
I like the one with the rabbit ears because it is so cute, but then I like the one with the blue scarf because it is so sophisticated. :)

Maria May said…
Your outfits are so cute <3 love 'em all !
Juvy♔ said…
cutie patoooootie! hahahaha ryan higa! i remember him when he was starting off! sooo funny :) hahahah the mini-movie reminded me of the anime 'full metal panic'
さらまり said…
I love your outfit posts because you always do a beautiful variety of styles. I really like the second and third outfits, they are so lovely!!
Dolly said…
So jealous of your wonderful sense of style. <3
pinksugarichigo said…
Awww I like the coordinates on you! My favorite is the second one! I'm so jealous of all the name brand clothes you have! You're so lucky to be able
To buy all the gal brands whenever you want! Lol I remember watching Ryan higa on YouTube- i
Didn't know he had a mini movie! I was watchin part of t this morning but I had to go to work! It's pretty funny from
What i seen! Lol
hola! i like your outfits but the 3 ! love it n_n
リンダ said…
Kyaaaaaaaaa I love your new layout!! <3

Girlie is CUTE!!! Love your stockings!!
Your outfits are adorable! Monochrome is still my favorite it never gets old for me.

LOL!!There needs to be a tranny at my LUSH I would like make him my BBF. I think the Jin concert was so expensive because there was people giving out free tickets and the venue was small too.

I work out at 4 to 6 my college offers free workout classes.
Monday: Go Jog
Tuesday: toning and step aerobics
Wednesday: jog, yoga, and straight
Thursday: Toning and step aerobics
Friday: jog
Saturday: I sometimes rest or jog
Sunday: jog and somethings do a workout video
On the weekends I try to jog in the morning but the rest of the days I workout before dinner
un petit lapin said…
My favourite coordinate has got to be the one with the polka dot leggings. I love them sooo much!

I also want those furry leg warmers :(

PS After I got whacked with the customs tax, my two wigs ended up costing over 100GBP. That was disappointing ha.
shanjae said…
Love your outfit photos! So adorable! =)
And thumbs up for sharing that awesome mini movie. I've been a Wong Fu fan for years and Ryan Higa looks really cute here! ^^
Lee said…
Your polka dot leggings are amazing!! You look lovely in all the pics :)
мoɴιcα-αι said…
thanks for the comment :D i love these leggings! but not the price -x- haha
do you have a blog i can link back to?
Silkybow said…
Love all your cool outfits!
Your camera is very cute too :)
Paula Yang said…
Awhh , i love your outfits. I like how you put all the different varieties together ! <3 &; lovee all the photos (;
Anonymous said…
Like the second and thirth outfit! ;D

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