No, I didn't win the lottery. :( But, I did succeed in satisfying my horrendous belly with American style hamburger steaks!

The restaurant's name is GOLD RUSH, and it's located basically in every major area of Tokyo: Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Shibuya, Harajuku etc.

My friend from Texas took me here because I've been craving meat for the longest time and I always leave recommendation to him when it comes to restaurants serving American food in Tokyo.

He enjoys being fabulous.
We had to protect ourselves with our napkins from the any flying oil or sauce. Also, maybe from getting the smell absorbed into our clothes.

I ordered the hamburger with melted cheese and it came in a set with baked potatoes, steam veggies and fresh dinner rolls (you could choose between that and steamed white rice).


Price: Moderate (from 800~1,500yen/$9-17 per person)
Location: Chain restaurant located in major areas in Tokyo. ( GOLD RUSH)
Comment: American hamburger with a twist. Seating is limited so get there early! >w<

Now, if you'll excuse me. I'm about to bite into my favorite meiji black chocolate because it's that time of the month.

love always,



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Naka said…
awh u look so cute in ur last photo and yummy food im so hungry now :p
リンダ said…
Texas ppl know how to eat! XD
I need to visit that place XDXD

You look so CUTE!!

Your blog is getting popular (^O^)
Juvy♔ said…
yay! time of month for me too! or well...nay? hahaha!

Ahh i don't like chocolate that much but seriously when that time of month hits, i crave choco sooo much!!!

aahh i wish i could blog about interesting stuff and reviews but there's nothing to do here until next year!!! :) baaaayyybbaaayyyy
Winnie said…
Ooh this looks so great and super yummy! Hope you find some of those dot tights tall are you? They're normally one size over here.
Bianca said…
oooh! this looks so good! i love japanese take on americana cuisine, in fact sometimes i like it better. I dont feel as guilty!
Sher said…
Hamburger with melted cheese! YUM! You always have pics of the most delicious food on your blog:)

p.s. Usually my bro or sis will take my pics for me but now that the boy is back, the duty is passed on to him lol:)

Btw, I'm 100% pure chinese! So I'm not sure why my dad has got a huge nose hehe:P
Sachie said…
haha, oh yeah, you're from Japan right? Then it's pretty easy to get anime stuff indeed, haha :) Well, thanks for commenting anyway! ^^
And yes, my blog title is the big bang song,
It just sounds so good! :3

And those burgers look pretty good~
And decently priced too :)
Enjoy your chocolate ;)
나니 said…
YAY! ; D *feels appreciated*
WOAHH I love Meiji products! *_* Their chocolates are soooo amazing <3 *drools all over laptop*

It's fine tho.. :3 Don't worry about it! I appreciate your comment.. Also, the entry was pretty long. Haha XD U can read it some other day if u wish.
Spirited Haway said…
this place looks great, i wanna try. you look so cute in that photo btw <3
Silkybow said…
So the meji chocolate bar is nice?
I've always wanted to try it but didn't know how it would taste like... I guess I can buy it now :P!!!
un petit lapin said…
Haha I love how Japanese people make a hamburger meal healthy by adding steamed vegetables. That bar of Meiji chocolate looks quite big! You always look so cute :(

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