Bye bye white/blackheads!

How was everyone's Halloween weekend?

I really enjoyed looking at all the photos my friends back home posted on Facebook. Everyone looked great and I wish I were there to celebrate, too. I miss walking down the beach walk taking pictures with random people. It's probably the only time of the year you can do that without looking like a creeper.

Anyways, I wanted to do a little beauty product review.

I'm not trying to be racist but I believe I inherited my huge honker from my Filipino dad. Which wouldn't be so bad if a bigger nose = more pores.

I've always had trouble dealing with white heads dominating my nose like those little bumps on a basketball. Of course, I tried nose strips but not to much avail. There would always be that uneven area that didn't quite cling on to the tiny white buggers leaving me with a blotchy skin surface on my nose. Giving up on that, I tried scrubs, steaming and scraping it off with a white head remover tool. No go.

However, I managed to run into this great product that I will bow down to.

Elizabeth's Pore Care Gel.

Squeeze out about half a penny size out of the gel and apply on your nose. There's a distinct mandarin scent that the gel has that I love. It's also very warm upon application but I have no idea why. Massage it in for a good 2~3 minutes and rinse off with warm water. DON'T WIPE OFF WITH A TOWEL.

Use any nose strip and apply it on to your damp nose. I use this brand because the strips are black, making it easier to observe any residue that will be collected later.

Leave in for 10~15 mins and slowly remove.


Viewer discretion is advised.

It's not the most lovely picture in the world.


A nose strip entirely filled with white heads. No empty spaces! I have some sort of fascination when it comes to nose strips. I like to observe all the tiny little white grossness and wonder how my nose could've produced that all in a week.

It does seems excessive to apply this before using the nose strip, but it ensures a white/blackhead filled nose strip each time. And it did cost around 900yen for the gel itself but seeing that I only use a little at a time, it'll probably last me a year or two. Or three.
It even won the best skin care award in 2009!

Hope all of you will be able to try it!

I finally have the day off tomorrow. No plans but I feel I have an obligation with my body to rest tomorrow. My cold is somewhat lingering with me. I really would like it to go away -x-

I'll leave you with a picture of me wearing an Elmo hat at Universal Studios. A lot of my friends say I look like him and I'll take that as a compliment. :3




Mahalo <3








Dolly said…
Great review! I have a hugeeeee nose (from grandpa) and I know what you mean about all the black&white heads. D: Although I must say I don't think you have a big nose at all :P

I've seen the nose strips before, hopefully I can get it the next time I spot it! :D
Morgane ☆ said…
I also like to observe the white points on the strips XD we're wei~rd. But it's like a satisfaction "yay, it's not in my nose anymore~" (ok, I should stop...)
Anyway, I LOVE the Elmot hat ♥
Silkybow said…
cute elmo hat :D
I'm 15 LOL. I just wanted to trick or treat because I've never done it before... heheh T_T
Haein said…
Wow, that product looks and seems amazing! Clearly, you can attest to that fact. Although I have white/blackheads on my nose, I don't pay much attention to it. However, the bf is very self-conscious about his own honker and has tried different nose strips, like you, to no avail. Do they sell that only in Japan? Hmmmmmm.

On a lighter note, MISS YOU!
hey, Elmo's cute so it's a compliment! XD
Haha, don't worry! You're not the only one. I have that weird obsession in observing the white stuff clinging on nose pack too! and the more, the happier I am..! =D I want to get my hands on that gel! Blackhead is my worse enemy! >_< I hate them.
Get better soon! eat lots of oranges! (i heard it helps with preventing cold..but since you've already got a cold...hmmm..maybe it would still help? hee)
Sachie said…
Seems like a great gell!
Whenever I use nosestrips they don't seem to work :\
I think I'll look for the gell when I go to Japan:P
Naka said…
tehe i love observing my nose strips too :p it seems like a great product. Is that a baby on the packagint though? that seemed a bit creepy D:
Maria May said…
Wooooah ! looks like it really works Ö <33 never seen my nosestrips do that ..
Mai said…
I have those nose strips but they don't work for me at all. Maybe I'm using them wrong. I'm going to try them again after reading this post x;
나니 said…
Hahaha, I'm just as bad with the staring at the pore-strip thing. XD It's just super fascinating.. And REALLY nice to know that it actually comes out. Sadly I've only had really bad nose strips. : / wish we had some decent brands in my country.. oh well

After seeing this I wanted to pick up the gel for myself since I never have any luck with pore strips. I was gonna grab it off ebay.

So basically the Poretol gel helps encourage the junk in my pores to be easily removed by the strips (any good old type of pore strip), I guess by *shudder* loosening it up?


Thanks for reviewing a great product such as that.
さらまり said…
Oh wow, that gel does seem really useful. Whenever I use nose strips I can't get even 1/10 of whats in there ><
Sher said…
Gah, I have a huge nose too thanks to my dad! Which is full with blackheads unfortunately!!

You look so cute with the elmo hat:)

.:hina:. said…
Awesome...I'm half filipino too and have the same problem!! So going to searching for the gel now! Thnx!
karisuma gyaru said…
hey thanks! i actually bought it before but couldn't understand how it worked (i can't read japanese) so i tried leaving it in, i tried cleaning it off and nothing happened, so in the bin it went.... i might try it again now that i know the proper way to use it!
Pop Champagne said…
great review! lol I squeeze out blackheads like a bad pimple... which sometimes leave scars... mayeb I should try this product!
Rebecca Lau said…
i use them strips too :D
Winnie said…
Those strips are brilliant! I totally understand the fascination too...gross but strangely satisfying!
リンダ said…
Holy crap I am so late on commenting XD

I feel your pain I got my BIG nose for my dad and my pores are horrible!! Makeup makes it look worse O___O

LOL! I like showing my mom my nose strips to gross her out.
I have to look for these products online!!

Adorable hat!! (^O^)

*It's lip gloss I wish my lips were that color XDXD
Is management hard??*
un petit lapin said…
I LOVE using those pore strips and then staring at them afterwards. I've got those black ones too. I don't really get what the pore gel does... make it easier for them to be pulled out?
tifuani said…
Wow o.o Thats crazy~ And that black pore strips look cool~ I want to buy some~ haha

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