My closet: September - October 2010

I haven't done this for a while! (>w<)

Nothing much to blog about so I decided to just post up my coordinates for the past month. Enjoy!

I'm actually against the whole usamimi aka "bunny ears" fashion but I find it more stylish when the ears are down.
Over-the-shoulder khaki shirt & tank - F21
Short jeans - ANAP
Black tights - UNIQLO
Romance boots (that you can barely see in this pic) - F21

More outfits after the cut!!!!

Gotta love my b&w coordinates.

Blazer - ZARA
Zeebra leggings - Claires
My DYI asymetric skull tank top - some random shop. it was cheap :D

A little boyish coordinate.

Plaid shirt - shimamura
Jeans - EDWIN
Striped blue&white long tee- HONEYS (??)
Knitted beret - F21

Lunch @ Daikanyama.

Floral long romper - Bella Arnie
Halfcut T-shirt - HEATHER
Light brown skinny belt -F21

Outfit I wore to a Ginza party.

One piece - F21
Gold heart necklace - F21
Leggings - UNIQLO

*yawn* Time to start off my Monday morning!
Have a great week guys. <3


chiihime said…
I'm totally in love with your first and last look! Your hair is so cute! i love your hair style! *~*
I'm stunned with your way of mixing prints! I really admire it!
Thanks for sharing ^.^

6000 per person? yes, this is very VERY expensive xD
Morgane ☆ said…
I juste LOVE your hairstyle on the last pic *O* It's too cute
☆モモ☆ said…
Love your style! It's sooo cute!
Werooh said…
i envy you because you can speak japan!!!!!!!!
You pulled off all the looks really well..=))
Naka said…
ur pose in ur last photo is so cute ^^ and i love ur outfits and the zebra leggings ^^
Anonymous said…
I always think you look amazing in your outfits! And thanks, I love drawing Disney characters. And I would love to visit Tokyo, it looks amazing. xxx
Anonymous said…
hey love your post! I LOVE ANAP! miss it so much! can i just ask what camera your using in your pics..? i have a thing for white cameras :) thank you xx
Sher said…
Love them all my dear! And I wear my usamimi headband with the ears down too, I think I'll feel too self conscious to wear them up lol:P

p.s. I got the bag from a local boutique, probably imported from Korea:P

Oh, and I've been dreaming of decorating my own place since forever too! I'll just have to daydream a bit longer bout mine while I look at your pics!

さらまり said…
I agree with you totally on the wearing the usa mi mi "ears" down, I think that's more trendy and cute.

I love all the outfits, but the second one really appeals to my taste XD And the last one is sooo cute!
リンダ said…
I love your b&w coordinate!!
The boyish coordinate is cute!! <3

I want to study in Japan sooooooooo bad! XD I have been looking up schools.
What did you major in???
Bianca said…
haha your such a cutie in all your pics :D
HANA said…
Named you as my blog of the week! Love all your fabulous photos & I wish you luck on your move to Tokyo!
Sachie said…
great coordinates ^^
Cute blog :)
un petit lapin said…
These are ALL so cute I honestly don't know which is my favourite! Your hair looks great in the last photo, very girly to go with your dress!
黃愛玲 said…
You have such a lovely blog, so I decided to follow. =o)
Pop Champagne said…
I love your oversized shirts, and you are so cute in these pics! F21 is one of my fav places to shop hehe
мoɴιcα-αι said…
Principessa > thanks!! I still can't comment on your page :(((
мoɴιcα-αι said…
黃愛玲> your link didn't work :(((( Idk why. I can't follow you back T_T
Juvy♔ said…
omgomgomg i can't wait to do fashion posts TOGETHER ohh ssnaaapp
Anonymous said…
Aw, the dress looks lovely on you!

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