le belle ;3

As I'm typing this, I'm currently at home covered in layers of fleece with a gauge mask on. Yes, I caught a cold! Ahh! I blame the drastic weather change from a sunny 70 degree autumn weather to a pouring 40 degree winter weather.

I have been defeated.

On the brighter side, I got excused from work to stay at home today. I feel like I'm playing hooky because despite me being sick, I'm cleaning my room and updating my blog. It's nice to take a break from work sometimes even though I'm at home using up all the tissues in the house. :p

Just wanted to share with you my new cellphone case I purchased on rakuten a couple weeks ago.

Even though this is Tokyo, aka fashion central, I could never find that "unique" style I wanted. I figure if I look online, I would be more successful in finding a cover that no one has because I can be anal like that. LOL

I love how it's similar to a French flag. What also drew me to this case was that it had a little stick out that allowed me to hang keychains on my phone. Now I can carry Korila with me everywhere. ;3

Oh oh!

I finally got to wear my leopard print vest at karaoke with my besties and I looooooooooove it. It makes a person feel really fierce.

Cheers to tomorrow being Friday!

Viva on a productive day off work. ;3


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DMBY said…
ooooh I wish my case had something so I could hang things! I miss having all my little charms on my phone. Hmm, there is a thin part between the edge and the hole for an earphone. Maybe I could clip something there.
RitzyRoxie said…
I've never commented before, so Hi! That is such a cute cover and uber-kawaii Rilakkuma charm! Oh, and DMBY, strapya-world.com sells these little button sticker things that have the little slot on them, so I bought some for my new phone. They work pretty well.
I'm sorry to hear you're sick. I hope you get better soon (but I know what you mean about sometimes it being nice to be able to stay home from work) :-)
Sachie said…
Hope you will feel better soon! ^^

And I love that phonecase!! (and the mobilechain :3)
I know what you mean, I alwaysorder on the internet because it's original XD

And hanks for your sweet comment on my blog! it makes me so happy :)
I almost don't dare to ask, but could yo ufollow me back? :3

Get well & rest a lot! ^^
Mutsumi said…
Haha this vest really looks like it would pimp every outfit xD thanks for mentioning me as new follower ♥ cool to see my pic/name there xD
Mutsumi said…
Oh and I hope you'Re feeling better again soon!
Werooh said…
well i can teach you italian, you can teach me japanese..xD
get well soon! =))
That keychain is so cute! and I love the case.. it almost looks like a mix of baby blue and pink there.Is there any flag with pink color? I'm not sure..XD
go and rest^^it's fun to sleep in sometimes.
Maria May said…
The case is so cute <3
さらまり said…
Oh I think sick days are perfect days to catch up on things, as long as your not too sick.

I like the phone case you picked, it looks really cute with korilakkuma on it!

The leopard vest is sooo cool! You look great!
Morgane ☆ said…
The French flag is the first thing I saw with your title :D
Also, your leopard printed vest seems great !

(about my arms, I got a blood test and... my veins aren't visible ^^^")
chiihime said…
love your new cellphone case! The colors are very cute~ mostly your cute korilakkuma >O<
I love leopard print stuff~ wow is this having this effect? I should try more ^O^
do i look hime key? this depends much on my mood but yeah I realised I have a lot of white-pink items >~<
yes i want a pink kira kira cam soon xD!
thank you for sharing! and for gentle reply~
Naka said…
i love the cell phone case ^^ and i cute photos ^^ u have a fun life :)

and tehe that was only my high school graduation :3
un petit lapin said…
Awwww I hope you get well soon! Make the most of your day off! I agree with Naka, you always sound like you're having so much fun.
Rikina87 said…
Oh :) I love your blog and Tokyo:D.Would be live there one day:)
Winnie said…
Love the case and the phone charm! Also, the leopard looks so great. Hope you recover from your cold soon!
Bianca said…
You look so cute in that leopard hoodie!!! i love it!

Plus, I agree with the weather, even though I'm on the other side of the world, chicago just went from 70 to 40 as well, in a heart beat DX
Silkybow said…
hope you get well soon~
Pop Champagne said…
you're soo pretty and have such flawless skin! I caught the cold too, I can't get rid of this cough I've had for the last 3 weeks!

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