Korilakkuma & pen pals.

I'm slacking!!! Sorry!

How's everyone doing? I've been busy with a couple of projects for work and preparations for my Osaka trip this coming 3-day weekend. I'm so psyched about revisiting that place because it's been YEARS since I've gone there at my leisure. I often travel there on business trips which means no time to look around and play tourist. I'll be reuniting with some friends from college as well as friends from Hawaii who are now teaching there. Also, I'll finally get to visit my friend's Hawaiian restaurant which seems to receive great ratings according to many food couture magazines here in Japan. I will definitely be reviewing that restaurant on this blog when I get back. Oh, how I missed the food of the motherland/island.

Other than that, nothing much going on. Because it has been so busy at work, our trips to Hawaii have been pushed back and my withdrawals are starting to get uneasy. I really miss that place; the people, the food, the weather. But I must admit, I'm loving this autumn weather. Not too humid, not to chilly. Hoping to at least go before the year ends.

Just wanted to do a quickie about new additions to my room/collection.

Do you remember the Miffy bowl I received a month or so ago?

Well, Lawson has another promotion going on but this time with Rilakkuma! AHHHH! It's called the 秋のリラックマフェア (Autumn's Rilakkuma Fair).
Knowing myself, I could not miss such a great opportunity to obtain free stuff just by collecting those purchase stickers. 30 stickers for this super adorable Korilakkuma mug:

This season's freebie seems to be so popular that many Lawson stores are running out. I had to look for another Lawson near my station because the one I usually visit near my work place was out of stock. :O I almost felt defeated. haha

Can't wait to use this once I live on my own. :P

I've been enjoying catching up with friends overseas and have been writing letters. I really love receiving things in the mail, especially letters because I think they speak more than e-mail and facebook comments. :P

From my wifey, Juvy. She drew/cut&pasted everythign herself! :D super cute!

A postcard from my friend in London & a letter with purikura from a friend in Hawaii.

I'm the type that never wants to lose touch with friends and I hate living so far away from my friends but I'm so glad there are means of communication :3

Anyone thought of any possible Halloween costumes?


Naka said…
i think im going to a goth event and a cosplay event during halloween :3 and cute photos have fun on ur long weekend ^^
DMBY said…
love that mug!
Also please PM me your address. I would love to send you some international mail.
Werooh said…
thank you! mm... halloween costume??
alice in wonderland is cute..^^
Mitsu said…
So cute! I really want that mug, too. Finding a cute coffee mug in Japan is a bit hard. I've been searching at the local home stores (Tokyu Hands, FrancFranc) but nothing.

Lawson always does such cute freebies ♥
さらまり said…
Yay, I'm glad you were able to find a Lawson that wasn't sold out of them because that mug is sooo cute!

And hand written letter are so wonderful, it's great that you exchange them ^^/
Pop Champagne said…
awww the mug is cute! and i think this year I'm going to be Amy Whinehouse :D
Ribka said…
awww that mug is so cute! Thanks for your comment^^
My twitter username is ribvan :)
リンダ said…
I wish I could go with you to Osaka!!! I have always wanted to visit there.
Oh no! I hope you can go back home soon.

Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! That mug is so CUTE!! How is you saving up for an apartment going??

I wish I had a penpal T__T I tried to make a Japanese penpal and no success. XD

I wanted to go as a hostess BUT I am poor and can't buy the dress T_T

I avoid the creepy guy now. When class ends I pack up my stuff fast and make sure I am the first one out the door (I sit next to the door)
un petit lapin said…
The Korilakkuma is so cute! I'm glad you managed to get one!

Oh I used to have lots of penpals, I love receiving letters. I feel a bit sad we've all outgrown it XD Exchanging handwritten letters seems o much more personal than an e-mail! Your friend in London has super cute writing.
Winnie said…
Aww, getting letters from abroad from friends is always so much fun. I sent off a bunch of postcards recently to friends in NY and Seoul. Super far from the UK!

You'll be reunited with your friends soon, hopefully that Hawaii trip will come round soon!
Sher said…
Letter writing is absolutely the best, I used to write to my best friends even when we see each other practically every week! Crazy much?

I can't wait to see everyone's halloween costumes! Sadly we don't celebrate it here:(

p.s. I think I have a tumblr but it's lying dormant lol:P What's the quotes site?

Anonymous said…
That cup is so adorable! I love it, and I love getting letters. Do you want to exchange any? If you do, email me here - natashajadehill@gmail.com and I'll pass on my address. xxx
Mutsumi said…
penpals are something great ♥ but it's hard to find good pages to get to know penpals..

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