Exotic seafood dish.

Relief is so divine.

Last weekend, I broke the news to my cousin and her husband at a conveniently planned dinner night. I have to admit that this had to be one of the most difficult subjects I've ever had to bring up at a dinner table. Thank god they were half buzzed. I explained to them about my future plans and desires: living with my boyfriend in Tokyo. I thought that everything would become awkward with them but ever since, they've been very supportive. They even offered to help me look for a place and move in.

Of course, at first my cousin clung on to me and explained to me the disadvantages of living alone. And I do agree with her that my lifestyle will take a 360. But that's exactly what I want to happen. I may not be ready for it, but I'm willing to try.

With that said, all things are set to go.

I've been searching for eligible apartments and coming up with ideas for possible interior designs. Japanese apartments (especially in Tokyo) are ridiculously confined and insanely expensive. But, the right place will come along surely and decorate it to fit my personality. This probably means that it'll be black and white. haha

Enough about that. I wanted to share a new dish I tried a couple weeks ago. I might have to add that if I ate the whole thing, that would have been a pretty daring gamble.

Ate it sashimi-style, deep fried and broiled.

Not as harmless as you thought, right? So what type of sashimi and fried fish was this?

Here's a clue.

Do you know what it is now?


They're pufferfish! Or in Japanese, fugu.

One of the more exotic dishes in Japan. Especially, when you are daring enough to attempt eating any part near the liver for it can be dangerously poisonous. I was lucky enough to only try the safer areas.

It may just be me but I didn't find its taste to be unique since it tasted like any other white meat fish. But just as any white meat fish, it was delish. :3

If you ever have the time, guts, and money, you should really try this dish and brag about it to everyone because I've never seen fugu served anywhere else.

Price: Fit for a king. (6,000~yen / $60~)
Location: Many locations. http://www.torafugu.co.jp/shop/tokyo/
More picture and info (Japanese text): http://r.gnavi.co.jp/g603403/
Comment: Something to add in the "things I must do before I die" list. :)




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Hello, yes you should definitely try the Shiseido powder. I love it ^^. Good luck with your decision ^^.
~XOXO Charlotte
Werooh said…
yes is italian.. because i couldnt wirte all my thoughts in english.. so i started to write in italian again... but i will post btw pictures so hope you will follow me btw ;)
bye hunnY!
Ken said…
omg! u ate pufferfish?!

yes nemo as in the fish!

i am not in korea yet, but i am planning to go back
Naka said…
awh cute puufy fish ^^

and thats good u broke the new and they are supportive :3
Tehe I find it funny u were tired from dancing before the concert started! ^^
Anonymous said…
I followed you back on Tumblr! :3 And I didn't visit Kobe, we studied it in geography because of the earthquake. I would love to visit it though! xxx
chiihime said…
Thanks for your lovely comment at my blog!^^
Cow means fat at USA, right? At my place means something like whore >O< So for fat is whale! xD Strange different cultures >.<

I'm happy everything came alright! Hope you'll find a great apartment deal!Of course you'll have much fun decorating it~
6000yen per Kg? So expensive!>O< That food looks yummy but please take care for not getting intoxicated!
'Something to add in the "things I must do before I die" list. :)' - If not the last haha xD Just kidding!
Thank you for sharing!^O^/~
Pop Champagne said…
omg! I've never had pufferfish but I've always wanted to try it out!! it's such a delicacy
Sher said…
Wow, fugu! I've heard of it being legendary and all, especially the price lol! Hopefully, I could cross that off my bucket list too one day:)

And so glad that you've delivered the news to your cuz. I'm sure you must be so excited to be living with your boy soon. I would be thinking of all the ways to decorate the apartment too! You must definitely show us pics when you finally found your apartment and finished decorating it!!

Winnie said…
Yum it looks so amazing, I'd love to try that one day. I know that if it's not prepared properly, it's quite dangerous right?

Also no I didn't add the blush to those vintage photos...it was apparently really popular back in the 60s to touch up photos like that!
Anonymous said…
I think I'd stay away from "fugu" :/

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