I apologize for not blogging for a while. I've been busy planning my mini trip to Osaka next month and things are all set! Until now, I've been traveling to Osaka while on business and it usually only lasts a 8-hours! :O No time to sightsee, no time to eat the delicious food there because our boss buys us lunch boxes in advance. -_- I'm so ecstatic about this trip because no only will I be free to go wherever I want, I'm planning to have a little reunion with my friends there.

This week has been a blessing. The days are getting shorter and the humidity is finally dying down. Fall is definitely around the corner and I've prepared myself mentally and "fashionably" for this season.

Thus, I have to confess that I did some early online shopping from Salus.

Check out that haul. :) So proud of my purchases. I LOVE Salus because it's one of the more reasonable online shops here in Japan. As much as I love my affordable foreign brands such as H&M and F21, I enjoy exploring Tokyo fashion. This fall season's upcoming styles seems to be anything with fur. Especially the fur "tail" accessory that was first introduced way back when by Ayumi Hamasaki.

Anyone remember this?
Who would have known that this style would come back! I shouldn't have given mines away. :(

Anyway, here are some coordinates of my new purchases:

Here's my first fur purchase of the year: rabbit fur vest.
Also black chiffon shorts with my black wedges.

Here's another coordinate with that vest and wedges.
Caramel suede shorts from Salus.

A new cardigan! I love the little pink heart. :3

And simple frill tunic. I finally found something to match this knit hat I purchased from F21 ages ago.

I will definitely order from this site again because being fashionable is expensive these days. -_-;


リンダ said…
:GASP: I have always wanted to go to Osaka!!! Take a bunch of pictures! (^O^)

Ooooooooo !I love your new buys <3 It's odd to see fun back I only see fox tails at anime conventions new knew it would become a fashion accessory XD

Your shorts are so CUTE!! The pink heart is adorable <3

Really? How are you allowed to have your hair at work??
ピア ヅ。 said…
Osaka!!! I'd love to go back there :D
Have fun!

I love ur coordinates!!
They look awesome!
1. and 3. one are my favs!

And thank you for following me!!
I love your coordinates! =))
Haa, i'm excited for fall to come as well! haha..XD (eventho there will be no significant difference in the weather, here in malaysia)
Winnie said…
Oh I adore all your new things and the second outfit is my favourite, so cute and girly! Have a wonderful trip to Osaka and spending time with your friends! I want to visit there some day!
pinksugarichigo said…
wahh please help me with my coordinates .. im so lost! i love all your purchases.. yay i learned about a new brand today.. yeah i noticed that fox tail is coming back.. i wonder if they sell it here in the US? it's sooo cute!

i love tha fur vest.. and that hat! :)

rawrrrr hope you have fun in Osaka! <3<3 miss you.. still gotta write your letter!!
Ansa said…
Gorgeous. enjoy your trip. xx
un petit lapin said…
Oh I'm jealous, I want to visit Osaka! Hope you have lots of fun and eat lots of food!

I loooove coordinates number one and two. So cute!

PS I was horrified by the Topshop prices in Tokyo. They are almost double the UK prices.
Dolly said…
Oooh~ Have fun in Osaka!

Love your coordinates!! My favorite is the 2nd and 3rd one! :D
Ken said…
u should get that puffy tail back!
miemiemie said…
love the 3rd outfit! :) lucky you for going to osaka for fun :)
chiihime said…
love much the coordinates, speacially the heart cardigan! I read your make up posts and it was really helpfull, thank you!
please keep on posting!
Naka said…
cute vest ^^ and the chiffon skirt is pretty amazing nice haul ^^
さらまり said…
Most things in fashion come back eventually, so getting rid of things is always a risk haha.

I like the items you ordered, they look very nice for the autumn season! I like the way you coordinated the first and second outfit^^/
Anonymous said…
you are so cute :D
Anonymous said…
you look awesome ! specialy i like the photo with the leo jacket
Bianca said…
the last coordinate has to be my favoriest fave :D
Juvy♔ said…
omggg babe can i just keep you in my pocket? you are tooooo effing cute!!!!! i wanna shop so bad but i'm saving it allllll until we reunite again!!!!!
hozumi said…
ahhhhh i remember ayu wearing that! she is genius.

and i love every one of your fall outfits!! i need more clothes. can we go shopping soon?
hozumi said…
ps - i saw salus in jj and vivi! you are on top of things ;)

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