Last week seemed promising with rainfalls and sudden temperature drops. So, why is it so freaking hot this week?! This weather is nasty and it needs to go away so I can wear the clothes that I just bought.

Yet again, it has taken me a month to build up the strength to write a food blog. I find that I need strength to write up these solely because I become uber hungry while I attempt to recall that restaurant, that taste, that atmosphere. But because it's been a while and because I just ate lunch, I think I'll survive this one without salivating excessively.

This past week we were blessed with a 3-day weekend. I spent each day outside and did not waste any minute of it. I went to the usual places; Harajuku & Shibuya. But, on Saturday, I decided to go shopping in a different district--Daikanyama (代官山). I've always admired the people who lived there because compared to Shibuya (although it's surprisingly only one station away), it's very peaceful and the streets are usually empty despite there being such adorable boutiques and chic cafes. You can say it's more for "mature" adults.

My friend and I were planning on eating at a hamburger shop because we were craving it. We decided to go to the first shop we saw which was SASA, located right in front of Daikanyama station.

(Photo courtesy of Tabelog.)

Like many restaurants in Tokyo, it was very small but it felt very much like home (America); your average local diner.

(Photo courtesy of Tabelog.)

There were a variety of burgers to choose from (you can also choose the weight of your burger 80g, 120kg and 170g) as well as a couple sandwich items and of course a list of side orders. I went with the avocado burger (80g) because I hardly have any chances to eat avocado in Japan for some reason. Each burger comes with with pickles and fries.

Although it looks small and it actually was small, I enjoyed it to full content and I felt it was just the right amount for me because I had an ice cream before that. haha The meat was juicy and it kept dripping all over until I found that there were these convenient burger paper covers to prevent you from getting dirty. The avocado was just right, just ripe. Buns were crispy on the outside, soft when you bite into it. Piping hot, un-oily potato fries. Cold crunchy pickle. Perfection.

I will definitely come back again to try their mushroom burger that my friend ordered because it looked delicious!

Look at this extravagant birthday burger that they're promoting! That thing is huge!

Price: Pricey but worth it. (900yen~)
Location: 2-21-15 EbisuNishi Shibuya-ku. A 30-second walk from Daikanyama station.
More picture and info (Japanese text):
Rating: 1,000 slices of avocado ftw!


Anonymous said…
Yum! I did a food post today, too (Japanese, even!). That burger doesn't look that small. It looks pretty big to me, esp with all that avocado! But then again I'm not from the US where normal burgers are what, three times that size?! haha
さらまり said…
I love food posts hehe^^/ Those burgers do look yummy, and even though the sizes seem small 120g is the recommend serving size for meat (according to doctors, food pyramid haha) The atmosphere looks nice too!
DMBY said…
so much delicious avocado! yummy!

I also love the interior of the restaurant, very cute.
Naka said…
yummy food post ^^ and u have such the cutest smile ^^
Yum! You are making me so hungry. Food is one of the main things we miss about Japan during our trip in Australia. We are looking forward to getting back home to Japan in a few weeks. I miss shopping in the Daikanyama area. We'll definitely have to try that burger place you reviewed. :-)
Principessa said…
I went to 代官山 for the first time in July to go dancing at Air. It was expensive but well worth it!
hkittygirl said…
The birthday burger made me smile! :)
Juvy♔ said…
NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM!!!!! wow that birthday burger!!!! kinda makes me full just looking at it!
Cassandra said…
Aw, pretty picture! Wow, those burgers do seem pricey but worth it~ The menu looks good and the pictures are even better~ I just had dinner but I would still go for one of those cheeseburgers, haha!
Winnie said…
Ah it looks like a really great place to eat! The monster birthday burger looks insane!
Ribka said…
I love food post hahaha :D
リンダ said…
YUMMY!! Your burger looks delicious! Un-oily potato fries sound wonderful!

I like your hair! You look so pretty (^O^)
HANA said…
Love your blog!

Now, I really want to go to Daikanyama!! Maybe tmrw haha.

Also, you take some really nice pictures. I will definitely come back to visit your blog soon! :)
мoɴιcα-αι said…
Principessa> I can't seem to comment on your blog at all but you danced here in Japan?! That's awesome! What kind of dancing?
un petit lapin said…
The burger does look tiny. Now I want a burger with avocado on it. It sounds healthy but unhealthy all at the same time. I want to visit Daikanyama!

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