daily cosmetics.

It's finally September! This year is going by extremely fast and there's still so much to look forward to the remaining 3 months. Unfortunately, it seems that fall will be delayed this year here in Tokyo. We're expecting one more month of intense heat and lack of clean oxygen. Yay.

I feel as though I should have blogged about this way back when I started this site in March (6 month ago omfg). I want to share with you guys the make-up I use daily. Thus far, I've only introduced on this blog new products that I recently buy and have yet to try. Because of that, I could never recommend any products.

But here, I'll show you my cosmetic entourage--some of which I can honestly recommend because they're my aiyou.

KATE eyeshadow - KATE is probably my favorite Japanese make-up brand. My cousin first introduced it to me back in high school and I've been loving it since. Very affordable and long-lasting. It's a shame that it's only sold in Asia. :( This eyeshadow series is one of my favorite products. It comes with different shades to allow you to create a sheer gradient. For some reason, I love wearing green eyeshadow.

Maybelline eyeshadow - I actually use this for highlighting my nose bridge that's nonexistent for me. -_- A very nude-like yet nearly paper white shade. It lasts for a fair amount of time and of course it was really cheap so yay.

Heat Jewel nude lipgloss- This brand is supposedly "professionally used" but in my opinion, it's alright. I have to reapply a couple of times but it really does erase the color from my lips.

Ettusais lip essence - Ettusais has a very nice product line up with very simple casings. This lip essence (balm) is currently ranked #3 on a cosme ranking list. I love the feel of the balm and it gives my lips a nice shiny color. For those who follow me on tumblr, I'm using only this lip balm on one of my pictures.

Fiberwig mascara - My best recommendation. Although it's no longer the #1 mascara in Japan, this dejavu product is one of the best mascaras I've ever tried and I've tried many (Dior, clinique, maybelline, mac). Because the mascara solution contains many tiny fibers, with a few applications you eyelashes will extend and become heavier in volume. The best part is washing it off. It'll only come off with warm water and it DOES NOT SMEAR. So, not more panda eyes!

KATE eyeline color - The colors liners on both ends are detachable and replaceable. I currently own forest green, navy blue and gold. Stays on for quite a long while and I've been using this since 3 years ago!

Maquillage lip gloss - A product of Shiseido. A unique casing with a very creamy lip gloss. My friend gave this to me last year and I love the color. I usually have to reapply twice a day. :)

KATE liquid eyeliner - FAVORITE! Easy to apply and long-lasting. I've gone 24-hours with this on and it never came off. I usually use it to line my eyelids for that "cat eye" effect. I've been using this daily for 3 years and it hasn't run out yet. :3

MAC eyebrow pencil - Thin liner for the ends of my eyebrows. Long-lasting but not worth the price I pay. -_- MAC is just too expensive.

Chanel compact powder - Love it. Probably the most expensive make-up product I own. It helps take the shine out of my face and the powder is very light. Worth the money I paid.

KATE concealer (top left) - Great! I use this to conceal my hideous dark circle under my eyes and it does the trick.

Anna Sui blush - Cute casing, lovely powder aroma and the color is perfect. I've been using this daily since 2008 and it still looks brand new. whut whuuuuuuuuuut?!

Unknown eyebrow powder brand- This is a really great product that I bought from a local drug store on Hawaii. I just wish there was a brand name written on it. Grr . . .

MAC liquid eyeliner - Gosh, this was expensive. But, it's a great product that I only use when I'm going out on the weekend. I use it to line my whole eye (top&bottom) and it last a looooooooong time. So long that I have to really work on it when trying to remove it off.

Etude House BB cream primer and foundation - Loves. Go here for more info: http://cuterockmoni.blogspot.com/2010/06/trips-to-etude-house.html. So far, it's been very promising and I hardly break out with this. It's just the shade! Please make darker shades!

Decorative Eyelash - Product by SHO-BI. My favorite fake eyelash brand. It's cheap (around $11 for this set) and with care, this set can last you a month if you were to wear these daily.

Looks like you can purchase them here if you don't live in Japan.

Anna Sui eyelash curler - Very fitting for my Asian sized eyes. Plus, the design is beautiful. :3

Hope you guys enjoyed that because I kind of did. Found a lot of new products while searching for those brand websites. hehe

Let me know if you guys have tried these products or know of better ones.



hkittygirl said…
I love your header! The Rilakkuma is too cute!
Cassandra said…
Wah, a lot of people seem to like BB cream and other things from Etude, but it's kind of hard to find Canada... Will defos have a look downtown Toronto though! Also, <3 Marc by Marc Jacobs :)
=) I remember you saying you love kate products!hehe..Anyway, realli liking your stash!! XD
Lots of ppl seems to like MAC too much. I think they are a fairly good amount of products that are cheaper but better (or does the exact same job but probably not that long lasting..ekeke) out there.
Anna sui's blush is so cute! Thanks for the share.<3
Ken said…
whoa that is a haul

girls need so much makeup!
Juvy♔ said…
oh shiiiizzz, i've been meaning to do a "what's in my purse" blog! i think i'll be making a post of my makeup too while i'm at it!!

ohhh my korila!!!! just the other day i was telling your lover boy about my non-existent nose bridge!!! LOL!!! and then i did tell him i use white eyeshadow down the middle :P!!!! hehehehe! maji de twins!
Silkybow said…
I like all the make up you just showed :)!
They are all very nice :D
Winnie said…
Oh I love these kind of posts seeing as I'm forever looking at beauty posts. I really love the make up cosmetics purse so cute!

Most of my fave brands are on avaliable in Asia...I wanna try fiberwig, what's the most popular mascara in Japan right now?
KittyBonkers said…
OOOooo you look like you have a lovely collection of make up!! I am sad to say I haven't really tried any of them!! I totally want to try the Fiberwig mascara but I don't know where to buy it online where I won't get ripped Off for shipping costs!! Maybe ebay? Naughty naughty using the same blush for two years :p mean't to chuck them after a year!! Its Okay though, I do that sometimes if I have product left and I love it!!

By the way, thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog!! Its endearing to hear other people who have lost weight and look great so it pushes me further into wanting to do it as its achievable!! Funnily enough, all I drink is water and tea, I have about two litres of water a day!! I barely drink fizzy drinks!! I love me a cup of green tea everyday haha!! OOooo I do love a good walk I love fresh air so I am going to try and get a walk in each day if I don't do anything else!! I do love to sing, but I can't sing so people Complain when I do ;D but thank you for all your tips and encouragement!!

Kitty xx
Sher said…
Oh, you make up hoarder you! Lovely collection, I must say! Now how about some makeup tutorials, I would love to see:)

Lol, my sis has been complaining cos we share the closet. She's saying that she can't see any of her clothes now cos mine has overtaken the entire area! I need help:P

さらまり said…
Very informative post! It was so nice of you to include descriptions and opinions with each item, it really made me want to try some of those products!
Anonymous said…
Nice, informative list and thanks for the comment. It does cost so much, it's a shame really. And for some reason the sun's come back for us too! Strange weather...xxx
Ansa said…
I love the color of the lipgloss. So pretty.
Juvy♔ said…
oh i forgot to mention, i love fiberwig! i used to use it a lot too. but right now my HG is covergirl's lashblast (waterproof only)
Thanks for sharing your thoughts on them :) I love chanel's compact too but I finished it really quick... but now moved onto MAC :) but i still adore that case...
Pop Champagne said…
I like youre recommendations! Kate is one of my go to brands as well. Have you ever tried Shiseido moisturizers? I've been thinking of trying it out but don't know if it's oily or not
miemiemie said…
thanks for sharing your daily items! love seeing what other ladies love to use everyday!
Naka said…
i like ur background on ur tumblr *im following btw* ^^ and great reviews :p
un petit lapin said…
Haha I bought fibrewig because it was #1. I haven't tried it yet. What is at the top spot now?

Still looking for that HG foundation... I'd like to try more BB creams though.

I've always wondered (mostly about 'gyaru'), how do girls keep their make up looking nice during sweaty summer days? And their hair too! Mine always ends up looking disgusting and greasy.
リンダ said…
I agree with the Fiberwig mascara I found it in Sephora but it is expensive -__-

I NEED a BB cream I tried my friends and love it!!

Too face primer is really good I tried it with the BB cream.

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