Snip snip.

No, not my hair.

I purchased a cheap maxi dress last month but could never find the right time to wear it. You could say I was saving it for a nice sunny day.

However, I tried it on the other night and was dissatisfied. Because the material was cheap and white, it was semi-opaque in the "dangerous" areas. I tried to rearrange it and wear shorts underneath but it was no good. I wasn't just going to toss it out to the nearest Goodwill. So, I did the next best thing and changed the maxi dress into an asymmetrical one piece.

I should have taken a "before" picture but I'm sure you guys can use your imagination for this one. Here's how it came out:

Yes, I could not throw it out because of the lovely skull design in the front (I am a sucker for skull designs). Believe it or not, I cut the dress with those tiny scissors that I'm holding in the left photo. Creativity has no limits.

Side angles to show you the unevenness. Matched this one piece with my favorite zebra leggings. I was contemplating on sewing the fresh cut edges but it doesn't seem to bother me as much. What do you guys think?


grace said…
what a GREAT idea!!
love the outfit too! :]
Cassandra said…
Aah, I love D.I.Y projects for clothes~ I'm contemplating bleaching some brilliant pink jeans and creating a kind of tye-dye effect... as long as the material doesn't seem like it'll fray I don't think you'll have to sew it. The skull print really is too cute to throw out!
Connys World said…
i hate white clothes who are transparent. it was a good decision to change the dress into this great shirt. your outfit is wonderfull. i like the skull print and the zebra print :)
Naka said…
i think it looks great im a sucker for skull designs too :3 i love the zebra print leggings :3
Natasha said…
I think it looks fine the way it is and the uneven edges give it an...edge! And thanks for your comment, the flowers were beautiful. You'll have to take a trip over here! xxx
KittyBonkers said…
I love how you are so creative! I like the uneven edges, its an edgy look, and it looks really good paired with those leggings!!

Thank you for commenting on my blog!! And thank you for saying my dress is cute, I love cute dresses at the moment they are my obsession!
I bet it cost a bomb to import american products D: I think if I lived somewhere else, I would miss my British products!
I would love Hello Kitty bowls!! I am thinking of buying a Hello Kitty alarm clock your previous blog post made me go look for some! When I get my own place, all my kitchenware will probably have cute designs on them!!

Kitty x
さらまり said…
That was really cleaver! I don't imagine maxi dresses being around much into the fall, so it was also smart to cut it so now you can wear it through the next season!
Silkybow said…
Nice outfit!
I want to do some DIY clothing... :)
Love your legging!!! you have amazing legs!!!
DMBY said…
That is a great outfit! I love those shoes too, I am a huge fan of the low heel pointy toe.

Sometimes a few snips is all takes. I've just started reading this blog, she has some great ideas. She's making a new outfit for $1/day for a year!
miemiemie said…
oooh edgy! :) love your hair!
Sher said…
Ahh, this is such a great idea! I think you should leave it as it is too, it looks great with the frayed edges!

Hmm, I wish I had some cheap maxi dress lying around just to test out your idea hehe:)

リンダ said…
I would have never known that you cut it yourself! Those leggings are awesome!

Is that your new mirror? It’s nice (^O^)
Pop Champagne said…
that's a really neat idea. great job by the way. I might have to copy you and do something like that to some stuff that I don't wear anymore either :D hehe. Lately I've been into buying oversized t shirts and converting them into loose fitting tanks
Winnie said…
Oh I love what you've done to the maxi, this makes it super wearable!
мoɴιcα-αι said…
Danielle> thanks for the website!
un petit lapin said…
The raw uneven edge creates a great rocky look that really suits the leggings and skull motif. You really do like b+w hehe.
Very cool. I like the dress itself, and changing the design made it super cool! I love the matched outfit too! Super! :) It all fits nicely :D

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