I've gone overboard. Why am I such an impulse shopper? Could have sworn that I JUST purchased a new toner a couple weeks ago. But, I must admit that I was bought instantly by the brand name and the company concept.

I first heard of Skin Food when I visited Seoul earlier this year but my mind was too focused on Etude House's BB cream that I totally disregarded any other brands (because I can be biased at times). Unfortunately, I haven't found an Etude House branch here in Tokyo so I decided to try the next best thing.

What I love about this brand is the unique product line-up: everything made from food! Tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, avocados, etc. It's a great idea for you organic lovers. We consume food for healthier skin, why don't we incorporate it with our beauty products?

Let me share with you some of my yummy purchases:

Black Sugar Wash-off Mask.
Great for exfoliating and reviving your skin to a healthier glow. I tried my first application last night and once I put it on, it was very warm and stimulated around my face. 10-15 leave in. Wash off with warm water leaving skin baby bottom soft!

Parsley and Mandarin Toner & Emulsion (For Troubled Skin)
The name says it all. Still in the search for a product to help me with my grossness. This product seems promising so I'll let you know how this goes. :)

Because I spent a buttload at this shop, I received a lot of free samples including this lovely Tomato Whitening Gift Set. I took a whiff earlier and it really does smell like tomato! :O I've decided to give this to my mama because I felt bad that I didn't get her anything. I guess she'll be letting us know how it goes.

The pricing is moderate. I'm pretty sure that it's half the price in Korea than it is here. Poo. I really regret not checking this place out whilst I was in Korea!

Currently, Skin Food shops are located in most of Asia and surprisingly in Arab. Let's hope for a breakthrough allowing a few shops in the U.S.

In the meantime, use home remedies and slap some cucumbers on your eyelids and rub some aloe on those blemishes.


Ken said…
skin food is super popular in korea. actually any skin lotion or soap store is popular in korea.

i would really want to live in japan for a while~! but i really do miss korea. i spent a long time there. i guess i just don't like where i am living very much.
Naka said…
i gotta look out for skin food when im in asia :D
Werooh said…
I would like to merry Bob dylan <3
リンダ said…
I hear Korean skin care is amazing but expensive >.<
I’m trying to go organic with face products but for fading creams I have to use the strong stuff XD
I hope the new face products go well (^O^)

Oh and I have no idea who the model is on my post sorry
pinksugarichigo said…
OOOo skin food sounds so delicious.. i think i took a picture of it when i went to korea!

that time i took the picture, i had no idea what skin food was about..

i love that it uses avocado .. <3 me being conscious of products i use on my skin, i might give this one a try! if i ever get to buy the products for myself :) <3
Ansa said…
This sounds fantastaic. Too bad they don't sell them in the US
sounds super awesome. I'm so jealous I want to get my hand on one of the items from skin food soon ^^
~XOXO Charlotte
Juvy♔ said…
dang youuuu balllllin!!!!! i always want buy fancy things for my skin care but get too chicken and stick to drug store brands >< skin food sounds yummy...for the skin! i've been contemplating buying BB cream too when i gets more monies!!
Winnie said…
I wish you could get Skin Food in the UK, I wonder if you can get it in HK, might have to look into that. I want to try Etude House's BB Cream too one day too. I'd love to visit Seoul one day.
un petit lapin said…
I used 'home skincare' for a while, but I'm not sure if it made that big a difference. I think SkinFood will be my next facial routine. I remember seeing a store in Harajuku but I think I was more excited about going to Laforet.

Please let me know how you get on with these products :D
Sher said…
Oh, wow!! Somebody really went shopping:P

I actually heard of skinfood before I ever heard of etude house! Though I have yet to try their skin care, I've only tried some of their make up! But their stuff is so yummy-licious I agree:)

Pop Champagne said…
I've tried skin food mask before and I love it! But yeah it's so hard to get your hands on them here in Canada!! I envy your hull!! :D
Cassandra said…
Aaaah, that scrub sounds nice~ My granddad once told me that in the Victorian days they used strawberries to whiten their teeth. Don't really know how well that went, but I guess tomatoes would work on the same premise? I think I think that cause they're both red fruit ;) lol
Anonymous said…
These look great! Devon was brilliant :) thank you. xxx
whyhellothere said…
so does it taste good too?

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