My closet: July - August 2010

Been slacking off with taking pictures of my daily wear so of course these aren't all the outfits I put together this past month. Just wanted to share a few and get back to watching Gossip Girl. :D

I recently purchased a beautiful and larger mirror from IKEA last week so hopefully I'll be taking more pictures of my outfits. Enjoy!

Oh, and I'm on a Twitter frenzy so if anyone else has an account, add me: @cuterockmoni

Casual dress: FOREVER 21
Braided hairband: L.CHANCE

Halter top (actually a skirt): HONEYS
Ruffle skirt: H&M
Leggings: Claires

Shirt: Jel'ements Solo
Waist skirt with belt: Forever 21

My rain boots that I only had a chance to wear twice this season. From Randa.

Tank&low cut shirt: HEATHER
Grey denim shorts: H&M
Big bow headband: L.CHANCE

Sandals from ABC mart. Love these! They're really comfy. :3


DMBY said…
I love the aqua dress with the flowers. I saw it in one of your other pics and thought it was really cute. :)
Nana said…
i really like the 2nd and 3rd coordinates. :D hehe
Naka said…
love tthe ruffle skirt as top ^^ and sorry to hear about the vaseline :(
Haein said…

You are too cute and your outfits are adorable! <3
Sher said…
Oh, how is it that you get to dress so adorably every day?

I think you should get an even bigger mirror so that we can see every detail lol:)

MarieLo said…
you have like the cutest style! im way jealous =P
さらまり said…
That dress from F21 is such a beautiful color and very eye catching! I love the second coordinate very much as well^^/
Pop Champagne said…
great outfits, I like the 2nd to last one the most. aww you're so cute. I don't have twitter... but I'm following you on here :D
Winnie said…
Aww you look super cute in all of them. I've just added you on twitter, I'm on there all the time! Haha yes I totally will visit Hawaii one day, it always looks like a beautiful place but I want to visit Japan more, so that's no1. on my list :) One dayyy!!!
Juvy♔ said…
ABC mart?! 本当?niiiice! i doubt i'll find sandals like that in our abc mart! haha

ahhh i really need to get a move on my daily outfits too. i get lazzzzzyyyyyy nowadays lol
Cassandra said…
That's a lovely blue dress from f21! They don't really have that kind of stuff at the f21 in Canada :P

ps. Thanks for the lovely comment~ :3
リンダ said…
The 2nd one is so cute!!
Awesome rain boots (^O^)
Silkybow said…
aw cute pairing up with the clothes ! :)
Anonymous said…
awwww... the 2nd and 3rd outfits are soooo cute <3
Ken said…
wow u have nice skinny legs
un petit lapin said…
My favourite is look number 3! The aqua dress surprised me, I was expecting only b+w outfits. I really like your rainboots, they seem really chic and elegant.
BERNI said…
OMFG GOSSIP GIRL <3!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
I really like the second outfit!

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