Miffy & broken alarm clocks.

I think I've finally become accustomed to this intense heat. But, I do hope the fall season hurries over quickly so I can enjoy layering clothes and wearing fuzzy boots again.

OMG. I had a mini-dilemma this morning. My sole alarm clock died on me. Stupid iPhone.

My usual wake-up time is set for 7:20am which gives me enough time to get dressed, slap on make-up, apply sunscreen, eat a light breakfast and leave the house exactly at 8:13 to ride the 8:23 train. It was stupid of me to assume that 30% of remaining battery life on my phone would last me until morning. It usually does so I have no clue what happened overnight.

I ended up sleeping in until 8:11am
. I FREAKED OUT. Thinking quickly, I tossed my clothes on, put on my Marc Jacobs sunglasses & black beret, popped a piece of gum in my mouth and ran out the door. At the moment, I have no make-up and had nothing to eat. What's funny was my horoscope for today:

Capricorn: Your own comfort and good energy help you make the right impression on the right people today.

I love how completely off horoscopes are. The fact that I have no make-up on makes me feel vulnerable thus, I am not comfortable with myself.

And no breakfast=no nutrients=no energy.

I am now in the process of purchasing a REAL alarm clock from amazon. Or maybe I'll just go to the shop after work. Either way, I feel pissed, exhausted, inferior and a little surprised at how I woke up 2 minutes before my morning routine was up. Just need to get through 6 more hours of work then this day will be almost over.

Good news though!

I have acquired two Miffy bowls!

My local convenience store, Lawson, currently is advertising their freebie ceramic bowls. All you have to do is purchase any food products with the Miffy sticker on it and collect 30 of those for a free bowl.

The design is simple and cute. :3
The reason for being a hog and collecting stickers for two bowls, is just me being one step closer to living on my own. I know . . . it sounds really lame. But, hey! I gotta start somewhere.

Have a nice week everyone. Don't forget to set your alarms!


Naka said…
i hate it when i sleep in :( and cuyte miffy bowls :3
KittyBonkers said…
Gah, I hate it when that happens! My alarm clock is my phone too, I really need to invest in a proper one!! Maybe a Hello Kitty one, I might have a search on the net! I hope you feel better once you have eaten and had some energy! And Miffy things are so cute! Lucky you for getting them!!

Kitty x
Sher said…
Aww, poor you!

IT's been ages since I used a real alarm clock, probably since my high school days lol:)

Anonymous said…
Awww those Miffy bowls are so cute, I used to read the Miffy books when I was a kid. And the only reason my life's comfortable right now is because I'm off college and Uni! Come October it'll be back to insanity again haha. And yes grey skies are the norm during the colder months, but we do get blues during the Summer. xxx
Anonymous said…
I love love love Lawson. When I was in Japan this past winter, I did the Miffy promotion for the ceramic plate. Great feeling when gorging on cream puffs and miniature cakes gets you a delightful surprise.
Ken said…
wow it takes that much stuff to get a bowl?!

anyways, i wish there was a lawsons here. actually i wish i was in japan
Principessa said…
I too am looking forward to the cooler weather.

I've had the alarm clock dilemma. I've forgotten to set it and have also done the five minute mad dash out the door so I have a regular alarm clock and set a back up on my phone, just in case.
miemiemie said…
i feel vulnerable without makeup on! haha. i set my alarm clocks on 2 phones, so if one fails to wake me up, i have a backup alarm to do so. you should do the same! haha.
Hi there I'm new to your blog and just checked out your outfit gallery very cute style :)
Pop Champagne said…
gahh i hate it when alarms don't go off! or the night before when the power goes out so the alarm is wack.... thats why I have 2 alarms- one on my cellphone and one as a plug in haha
Cassandra said…
Uwaa~ I love Miffy! The alarm failure has happened a couple of times with me, except I seem to wake up just before my alarm is set to go off anyways, so I'm usually good. Actually getting out of bed when the alarm goes off is another thing... :)
リンダ said…
I’m so late with comments! >.<

Oh no!!! I hope you get around to buying an alarm clock!! My problem is that I set my alarm wrong -__-

un petit lapin said…
One of my fears is my clock battery running out during the middle of the night so I oversleep and am late for work. Did you keep your sunglasses on all day?
Anonymous said…
UGH! I hate oversleeping. I get panicked, can't eat or dress properly. Though I haven't done it in a while, I still hate it. The Miffy plate is super cute!!! XD

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