Taste of Thai.

I think I lost a couple of pounds this summer from all this heat and am catching the dreaded natsubate (夏バテ). Natsubate is basically a word to describe the lovely periods of nausea and dehydration--namely, summer fatigue. Everyone drink tons of water and take advantage of free air conditioning while doing a little shop-hop.

It's been a while since I blogged about anything delicious. Let your taste buds soar.

A couple weeks ago, I had lunch with a friend in Akasaka Sacas yet again. I am in love with this mecca steered mostly to the wealthy and fashionable or as we say here, oshare. There are tons of oshare boutiques and restaurants as you can recall the last time I visited to have some galettes. We decided to eat one of my favorite dishes . . . curry!

But not just curry, Thai curry. :DThe place is called Jim Thompson's Table Thailand. Does that name ring a bell? Jim Thompson is a famous silk designer from Thai. I actually own a silk pencil case from him which is just gorgeous.

Anyway, what I love about this restaurant is the all-you-can-eat for just under $15. Pick a main dish that will be prepared for you and from then, help yourself to an array of side dishes including tom yum noodles, papaya salads, tom ka gai (coconut milk soup) with a drink of your choice. Top that all off with an all-you-can-eat dessert which includes mango pudding, tapioca coconut milk and a mixed fruit bowl.

Agh, I just got hungry again. :P

Here's the main dish that I ordered: Green coconut curry with eggplants.
It was just at the right spiciness, eggplants boiled soft (just how I love it), and the thickness of the curry was perfection.

Side orders: Tom yum kung soup, fresh salad, Thai sauce-based long rice, basil chicken.
With my oolong tea. :3

Price: Moderate ($12 lunch; average $38~ for dinner)
Location: Akasaka Sacas near TBS television station. A 1-min walk from Akasaka station.
More picture and info (Japanese text): http://r.gnavi.co.jp/g045634/
Rating: Deliciously spicy.


Werooh said…
I was in Thai and totally loved the food!
KittyBonkers said…
Ooooo that sounds totally nice and yummy wish I could eat Thai food right now!!
No fairrr...I'm fasting right now! Why do you have to post something about delicious food? XXD LOL.
Anyway, those looks really yummy! I love curry too! And anything Thai since I love spicy food! Omg, just talking about it makes me salivates like crazy.haha..

Reply from my post:
Yeah, my parent said the same thing. Look for someone that loves you (well, if you couldnt find someone that shared the mutual feelings anyway, which Is, in my case =( )
You know, interestingly, the guy that likes me is younger by 9 months from me. and is a bit shorter too..!hehe..
Sher said…
Oh, I share the same sentiments as you for THai food! I think they're probably the most delicious food in the planet! In fact I just had some tomyum earlier for lunch:)

Hmm, I usually buy my clothes online or from local boutiques that I frequent actually. And sometimes, I go for the usual stuff like Zara, Topshop, F21 etc. What about you?

Cassandra said…
All-you-can-eat curry? Lady Gaga got it wrong, it's not Disco Heaven, it's Curry Heaven~ I just had my dinner but now i'm hungry again~ uwaa~
リンダ said…
I can never eat everything XD

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