My closet: June - July 2010

Bonsoir, tout le monde! Comment ça va? (Good evening, everyone! How are you?)

Here are some of my styles for this past month.

profitez-en!<3 (Enjoy!)

Long vest: Spiral Girl
Oversized zeebra shirt:
Floral pattern tights: tutuanna
Ankle-cut boots: Forever21

Black under tank: Forever21
Over the shoulder beige shirt: Somewhere in Shibuya...I don't remember :(
Short demins: ANAP
Belt: Thank You Mart

Some kind of floral jumper: Bella Arnie
Waist belt (it somehow disappeared): Forever21

It goest well with this brown vest & my Marc Jacobzzz ;D

Strapless layered top: Forever21
Beret: ADORE
Jeans: EDWIN
Dork glasses: Metropark

Pink tee: Forever21
Pants/skirt?: Bella Arnie

Long tank top: UNIQLO
Denim shorts: ANAP
Long boots: Forever21

A bientôt! (See ya)


Very cute outfits. I especially liked the last one the best.It is very modern and creative. :-)
elfpixie said…
you have an amazing fashion sense <3
Sher said…
You have the cutest style, girl! I'm really digging your floral jumper, too adorable:)

Winnie said…
Oh I love that long vest in the first pic and the romper! So cute! Those Marc Jacobs shades are awesome too.
リンダ said…
All your outfits are cute! (^O^)
I like the 5th and last one the most. Your camera is awesome too XD

I have been to Japan 2 time. First time was in 2006 graduation gift and December 2009 with friends. I hope to go back soon (T__T)
さらまり said…
Your summer outfits are super awesome, just love them and they suit you so well. I especially like the first 2 and last coordinates!
pinksugarichigo said…
wahhh you and juvy have the best oufits <3 i love the last 2 a lot <3 wahh
Naka said…
great outfits ^^ i'm jeaslous of ur long legs :3
Anonymous said…
Hi, I have an award for you!
Juvy♔ said…
HOLY MOLY the first two don't even look like youuuu!!!! awww look at my korilakkuma lookin all good n stuff!!! i miss youuuu!!
Sher said…
Oh, patience while shopping is a very important virtue in a bf hehe:P

Yes, my beret was from F21, I bought it so long ago though in anticipation of using it for the trip and only ended up using it once! It was so hot the rest of the trip, I'm such a silly girl!

Anonymous said…
Omg! The lont top frot the last picture looks awesome!

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