If you don't already know, I'm in love with monochrome. Black and white make such a harmonious match and gives that mod touch. So, this goes without saying that all I wear is black&white. If you've scanned through my fashion coordinates, that's all I wear. I do throw in some colors here and there just so I don't seem so "biased". haha

Last weekend, as you remember, I emptied out my wallets with summer sales. I thought I should share one of the outfits I bought that I ADORE at the moment.

The brand name is called "one spo" (located in Shibuya 109) and I just recently found out about it. Every single outfit in that store is so eyecatching, although there are some styles that I could never pull off and wear confidently, especially in the states. :P

I bought a high waste polka dotted leggings. This item screams perfect all over. Polka dots. Black&white. Leggings. And an adorable Lady Gaga-looking bow. haha The other item I purchased was a long striped tank top with a short-cut laced shirt. Yet again, perfection. Stripes. Lace. And of course, black&white.

When put together, it looks like this:


And I can also wear the top by itself like so:

Yay. Super happy with my purchase. Although, despite it being a "sale", this wasn't the most affordable outfit ever. The bottoms costs around $50 (original about $80) and the top including both was $40 (original $70). Crazy, huh?

Well, I've been working overtime lately so it will all compensate in the end.

Will share my other outfit another day. :D Going to do my laundry since it's a beautiful day and get ready for a get together at night. Gonna drink allllll night loooooonggg babaaaaayyyyy!


I agreed with you since most of my clothes are black and white too. Cute shirt ^^.
~XOXO Charlotte
pinksugarichigo said…
OOo i love one spo! i mean ive been an admirer of it.. and i think i been leaning towards monotone too---it's classier and you can mix and match your outfits better with monotone pieces.. i need a little help though to buy more of those items..

i really love all the pieces you bought! you put outfits so well together my dear! i love the striped skirt a lot! is it high waist?
さらまり said…
I love monochrome too so much! I can never get away from buying black and whites haha. (black mostly though^^)

Wow, I love the items you bought SO MUCH. Every item is something so trendy and cute, but I really love the dot leggings. They are unique! I will check out One Spo next time^^
The first outfit screams 'mischiveous kid' to me! Total adorable~!
when you wore it alone, it gives out a much sexier vibe..
haha..the wonder of mix-matching outfits. =)
Ken said…
ahhh u are so cute in those leggings!

how come all of ur friends look like celebrities?!

can i see if ur friend really looks like tomomi?!
I love black and white, too (mostly black). You're outfits look very cute, especially the skirt in the last photo. :-)
Naka said…
im in love with the first outfit ^^
Sher said…
Monochrome is good, haha! I have loads of black and white in my closet too, though none as rockabilly chic as this outfit! Love it on you! I can't decide which one I like better, honest:)

Juvy♔ said…
LIKE SERIOUSLY TWINSIES! i mean cuz i realized i haven't posted anything in a while on chictopia and i started taking photos of my outfit (From today) and it was totally black and white stripey!!!

you're so cute monica!!! i'm so jealous you can get away with expressing your fashion style there and it's NORMAL. shoot, whenever I wear what I THINK is normal, i get all these weird looks like "umm..this is hawaii, what is she doing?" even though i still dress the way i want anyway! hehehe

awww man i really need to start posting again!!
Juvy♔ said…
OH- and I do agree with monotone!! it's just simple, clean, all around GREAT and very very classy. I'm also starting to like the colors black and browns together. I used to think it was weird and that they didn't go but...idk i'm starting to like it :P
Anonymous said…
You look very sweet, those polka dot leggings would definitely be at home on the streets of London. A lot of people there dress very adventurously. xxx
elfpixie said…
you have great taste <3 the outfits are lovely
Haein said…
you are too cute! love the new outfits :)
リンダ said…
OMG! Super cute out fit! The bow is adorable! <3
2nd out is very mode!
zumi said…
waaaaaa! i love this outfit so much!
Winnie said…
Oh I need to visit Shibuya 109! I love your new profile picture too, so gorgeous!
zumi> thanks for taking me to that shop a 2nd time to look at it haha
un petit lapin said…
Black and white is classic! I'm more navy and white though. I LOOOOOVE those polka dot leggings! Japan clothes prices make me a bit sad.

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