L&L Drive-In: Tokyo

Another blazing hot day. Another summer sale day.

Yes, I'm insane. Got some more shopping done with my friend and decided to eat lunch somewhere different. I recently heard from a friend that L&L Drive-In (L&L Hawaiian Barbecue) just opened in Tokyo and of all places, Shibuya. I had no idea they made that much income to actually open up a shop in the heart of Tokyo.

L&L is a famous BBQ fast food chain that originated in Hawaii in the late 1970s. Majority of their menu consists of variously arranged chicken/beef/fish, scoops of steamed rice and macaroni salad.

I was really surprised to see "mahi mahi" on the menu. It's very rare to find mahi mahi here in Japan actually, anywhere outside Hawaii. My friend ordered their "loco moco". Loco moco is a well-known dish (mostly in Japan for some reason) with sunny-side eggs and a hamburger patty on top steamed rice and finished off with gravy sauce.

Or was it gravy sauce and then the egg? I don't really know. I just recalled an old Spongebob episode when he couldn't remember the order of the Krabby patty. haha ANYWAYS. My friend said it was delicious despite whichever order it's supposed to be.

I ordered one of my favorites: Chicken Katsu (cutlet).

I grew up eating this and have always loved the crispiness of the deep-fried flour and bread crumbs. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmm! Seriously, it's simple but uber yummy for someone who has been counting calories all this week and have decided to splurge at the end. Of course, chicken katsu is originally from Japan. Not too sure what makes this dish Hawaiian. Macaroni? haha

The interior was rather large and simply designed or is still in the process of being decorated. I thought it was funny how she has a leaf mustache.

They even have a "Mahalo" ("thank you") rubbish bin! How cute.

There was also Hawaiian music playing which just topped it all off. The atmosphere really felt like home and I instantly became homesick. Goodness. I hope I have a chance to go back this August. *crosses fingers*

Price: Affordable ($5~15)
Location: Utagawacho 12-12. Shibuya, Tokyo. (near Gyuukaku)
More picture and info: http://ameblo.jp/surfrider3/entry-10557607229.html
Rating: YUM.


Mmmmmmmm that looks so yummy! I never heard of that restaurant before in the US. I want to try eating there. Thanks for the introduction. :-)
リンダ said…
Looks good! Never had Hawaiian food but have always be curious.I need to eat at that restaurant the next time I am in Japan.
I hope you can go back to visit home (^O^)

I appreciate it that you write to me in Japanese. It is hard to find anyone who takes the time to.

I have been trying to make a Japanese pen pal it feels imposable!! They seem hesitant to respond back.
Naka said…
im so hungry :p
さらまり said…
The food does look delicious, and I like the interior decoration (leaf mustache XD) Argh, curse my diet, I want to try it! haha^^

I hope you will be able to visit your home in August too!
Winnie said…
Oooh looks yummy. The macaroni and the chicken katsu seems like such a strange mix!
Anonymous said…
I love Spongebob and famous UK sweets include, Snickers, Mars, Cadbury bars, and other vintage ones like the penny sweets so candy letters, gummy cola bottles etc. xxx
DMBY said…
There are two L&Ls in the SF area - one is in Daly City, which is a bit of a drive. But when one opened up in downtown SF, we were sooooo happy! Katsu for everyone!
Ken said…
that looks delicious
thanks dear!
Anonymous said…
It looks D'licious!
Haein said…
That's so bizarre that they have L&L in Japan! So cool though. I love their chicken katsu, but for me it's the sauce that keeps me coming back for it :)

I hope you come back in August to see your two lovers.. Mighty..and then me :D hahaha
Anonymous said…
Now I'm curious! And hungry! That loco moco with gravy looks interesting. Haha chicken katsu made hawaiian thanks to the macaroni? yeah...
Really?! I had no idea. I thought it was only a Hawaiian thing haha
I miss the food there so much. RAWR!

The sauce is definitely a delightful mystery >:3 hehe
YES! Let's double date! haha
pinksugarichigo said…
yumyum :D even though i wont be going to Japan anytime soon, (*cries*) im still glad ill get to go to L&L in Hawaii.. <3<3 thanks for teasing me with all the delicious food pictures .. =P there's hawaiian food places here but it's just not quite the same ... =/
Janis> SADNESS. The fact that you're not coming anytime soon and that I won't be in Hawaii....oh well. SOMEDAY!!!!!!!!!!

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