Jel'emets solo.

Just a quick share of another outfit I purchased last week at 109.

All from Jel'emets solo, a new favorite brand of mine. It's very retro with a spice of punk which seems to be a very popular combination these days.

When I laid eyes on this grey high-waist skirt, I was in LOVE. I love the crisscross tying and also the material is thin, making it a bit more breezy under this humid weather. There's a zipper on the side if you were wondering.

And as for the shirt on the right, I thought it would go well with the skirt. It was fairly cheap so I got it anyway. I needed more color added to my black&white collection of clothes either way (although it's only the blue words).

Here's how it looks put together. What do you guys think?

I finally picked up a can of 8x4. It's a really convenient powder deodorant spray that really works. I spray a couple times in the morning and it works throughout the whole day. And by "works" I mean my pits don't smell like the old sweaty salary men on the train.

Off to another sale event tomorrow in Harajuku @ Laforet. Hoping for some gooooooooooooood gets. But seeing that I'm nearing poverty, I may have to control myself a bit. Or just convince myself that I won't be spending anymore money for the next few months.

Ciao! Bon journee <3

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