Evolved Kit Kat.

Goodness, the weather in Japan sucks right now. I have to retouch my make-up every half our and I just give up trying to smell pleasant. Everyone reeks of sweat anyway. :(

I did get some summer sale shopping done! Never seen 109 so jam-packed and noisy. I could have sworn my ears were ringing once I exited the building. Happy with my purchases, though!

Stopped by the convenience store because I was craving sweets for some reason. I'm not sure if this is out in the states but, I bought myself a "Big Kit Kat".

Why waste time breaking two stick apart (and getting your fingers dirty) when you can just have it condensed in one huge stick? I apologize for the second picture, the chocolate started melting on my way back. THAT'S HOW HUMID IT IS HERE. AGH. It was delish, btw. :3

Oh oh!
I received a lovely gift in the mail today. A letter from my cutie pie, Janis.
It's been so long since I've gotten snail mail. Especially one as adorable as this.

She also enclosed some purikura for me to add to my purikura cho (book). Thanks, Janis<3

Have a great 4th of July weekend, everyone!


Nana said…
oh wow it must be really hot there. @w@

i wish we had a bit of heat here in dunedin. it's ridiculously cold now :(
さらまり said…
I love the big kit kats but I feel too guilty to buy them haha. Wow, it melted just while you were going back home? I will have to make some strategies for the heat in Japan haha.

The letter is indeed so cute!
Naka said…
nom nom i love kit kat ^^ and snail mail :3
I'd definitely go for the big kit kat :-) And I know what you mean about summer here. Everything melts, including me. :-) that is great that some people still send actual letters.
my chocolates are all melting too
Anonymous said…
It's also really hot here! >-<
My make-up is also like yuors!

I want to send you a letter too!!
Anonymous said…
Haha, yes I meant After Dark, it's very good, but yes also very strange. I love the package you got! I'd love to get something like that. And the big Kit Kat is yummy, we used to have them here in the UK but they seem to have disappeared now...xxx
Juvy♔ said…
big kit kat! XD I usually just eat it still stuck together anyway :P it's true! why waste time breaking them apart?lol!!

i still have to send you letter! I have it here, I just need to send it. I will ASAP!!
Anonymous said…
I haven't gotten snail mail in years. The letter looks so sweet :3

I never dare to buy big chocolate bars XDD!!
Bu then I'm buying groceries while I'm hungry and buy all that sweet crap. I fail at dieting XDDD
Thanks :D it is really sweet hehe
Don't worry, I do the same. :( I'm couting calories right now so it feel even more bad eating snacks ><
un petit lapin said…
Is it weird that I think the smaller Kit Kat fingers taste better than the big chunky one?

I wish I still had penpals, I'm a sucker for cute stationary.

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