Trips to Etude House.

As far as I can recall, I've never blogged about make-up before. I've been through so many different brands from many countries, and I still haven't found my set make-up brand. Although, I adore Anna Sui products. But, that's probably for its elegant casing. In Japan, this is usually described as aiyou (愛用) which is used to describe something that you use often and are very fond of.

The hardest aiyou make-up for me to find is probably my foundation. I've tried various brands while living in the U.S. including MAKE UP FOREVER and MAC. They were either too thick and oily for my skin or appeared just fine until I started breaking out. In Japan, I only tried KATE which as of now is quite promising but I still get the occasional excess shine.

Visiting Korea for the first time a couple of months ago, I heard from a friend that the cosmetics there were inexpensive and of great quality. A famous Japanese make-up artist, IKKO, also recommended cosmetics from Korea and being the trend follower that I am, I bought into it and tried out the make-up brand called Etude House, known for their foundation line, BB cream. Apparently, many Korean stars use this brand despite it not being a high-end brand like Chanel, Dior and such.

Being concerned with my acne scars and protecting myself from UV rays, I went for the BB Bright cream that sells for only about $8. The coverage is moderate and leaves a nice glow on your face upon application. The only fault I have with this foundation is that it only comes in one shade which is a tad bit fair than my real skin tone. Nonetheless, the foundation has been really gentle on my skin and it's a light cream with not much need for touch ups. If you look at my last entry with the closeup picture of my face, I'm wearing the BB cream.

I also bought other products just to try them out.

Eye cream because my eye bags are hideous. I think it's saving me from major dark circles, but at the moment I'm not too sure. ;/ If anyone can recommend me a good eye cream that doesn't cost a fortune, let me know peazzz.

And also this Magic Enzyme Pack Peeling solution. I really love this product, especially the fact that it contains yogurt and smells delicious. haha. All you do is apply a little on your entire face, wait for it to dry and scrub off gently. It leaves the skin feeling uber smooth and replenishes the skin (or so I hope). This was probably around $13.

I'm pretty sure sure that you can buy these products internationally if you visit their website. It would be more accessible for those living in Asia, I think. Hope everyone gets a chance to try it! :3


DMBY said…
In the past few months my skin has turned junk. :( I don't know if it's moving to the new climate, or maybe my upcoming milestone bday (yikes!), but I have no clue what to do about it. Wash three times a day? Get a facial? See a dermatologist? Sigh.
Sher said…
Hey, I'm using the same eye cream from Etude House! It's one of my favourite place to buy makeup cos their packaging is so sweet and pink haha!

Prince of Persia was nothing serious but clean good fun! Plus you get to ogle Jake:P

Oh yea, sorry sweetie, but once you click the link you have to click on the like button to vote, thanks again:)

Juvy♔ said…
omg girrrl let me know how that eye cream works out! I HATE THE BAGS UNDER MY EYES! You don't even have any what are you talking about?! lol awww i hate my skin, i'm hoping to find something that i can stick with soon for my sensitive skin :(
Ken said…
i wanna go back to korea, i miss it so much!

thanks for following! =]

anyways, are u japanese or chinese?
Naka said…
nice review ^^ I heard the garnier roll on is good since two of my friends use it religiously XD
Anonymous said…
I love the packaging on the dark circle cream. Something I really need to find is a cream or something to wake my eyes up in the morning as I get this achy, sore feeling around the lids and under my eyes. So far I only know of a Garnier product which does this. Do you know/have any? And thanks for the comment, I love using dried flowers in artwork. xxx
un petit lapin said…
I also find foundation the hardest thing to buy! It doesn't help that one bottle lasts for months, so you can't even try that many different kinds.

Oooh I've always wanted to try Etude House! It sounds like a really cute brand.

I would LOVE to visit Japan again (I'm in a shopping mood) but I probably won't go again until next year. We should do a foreign exchange XD
hozumi said…
hiii my first time leaving you a comment, hehe <3

but omggg, i bought bb cream from etude house too and it was too white :( i really liked their mascara, and their peeling solution (something like yours, but it foams).

also, i bought bb cream from missha? and they have 2 shades. i bought the darker one and i use it all the time now. it's beige-y and blends in perfectly :3 have you tried that one??
aw i'm so jealous T_T. Yeah since Nikky is like my other self lolz she followed me everywhere we went. We promised we lived with each other together until each of us find our loved one at the same time. XD. Yeah long dream I know! I want to try those bbcream for so long but I'm afraid that it might give me acne.

~XOXO Charlotte
Ribbonlicious said…
You're so lucky buyng MakeUp from Tokyo *_____* I would like to try MakeUp from the brand "KATE" - it'S my name, hihiii x3 ~~~
Thanks for your comment <3
☆Monica-Ai☆ said…
Danielle> It might be because of the climate >< I remember when I was going back and forth from Hawaii to Japan, my skin would get really bad because of all the climate change :(
☆Monica-Ai☆ said…
Hozumi> I know which one you're talking about! Yeah, I need a darker shade so maybe i'll try the ones from Missha :) Thanks for the recommend!

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