Tokyo Tower

Due to the result of a fever and possible food poisoning, I've been stuck at home for the past two days. Not sure what's the source of this food poisoning but it may be the Thai food I ate the night before I got ill.

Enough about my unfortunate weekend at home, my friend and I ate at a lovely tempura restaurant (the night before the Thai food ;p). I can't recall the name of the restaurant so, I'll just torture you guys with yummy photos.

Ending with a refreshing sweet mango.

Tempura fried right behind the counter.

After we ate at the tempura shop, it was still early so my friend and I decided to visit Tokyo Tower. It was actually my first time standing right under the tower or anywhere near it. I would always view the tower from a far distance and admire it. It was probably the tallest skyscraper I've ever seen. My boyfriend would probably love this (he's an architecture major). I told my friend that I had promised my boyfriend I would go inside the tower with him someday so we just stayed outside and took a couple of photos.

Tokyo Tower.

The only picture I have with the tower. Andddd there's backlight. Thanks, Fumio. -_-

My friend Fumio. He's like my big brother here in Tokyo. :)

Hopefully I can get over this--whatever this is--by tomorrow because I want to go shopping in Ueno with my friend.>< And I would like to write more blogs when I don't feel like shit. :(


さらまり said…
I'm so sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well these pass few days. Food poisoning is not fun >< Please take care.

I've never been that close to the Tokyo Tower, I should put it on my to do list hehe!
Anonymous said…
Sorry to hear you're unwell and I hope you get better soon! That tempura looks delicious and moleskine's are good fun, so enjoy it! xxx
un petit lapin said…
That mango looks so sweet and juicy!
Oh I've never been to Tokyo Tower. It was raining on the day I planned to go so I only managed to admire it from the Mori Art centre. Going up there with your boyfriend will be so romantic.

Hope you get well soon <3
Juvy♔ said…
aww my korilakkuma feel better!!!! :(
Vivian said…
delicious delicious!!
you're living in Tokyo?! Aaah i'm jealous!!
aw I'm so sorry about the food poisoning. I hope you feel better ^^.
~If your lip to dry for the tutorial, try to do a layer underneath with a chapstick. My fav is Nivea chapstick ^^.
~Aw, so the Etude foundation make you break out?Oh dear T_T. That happened to me a lot too. I just stick with Missha for now ^^

~XOXO Charlotte
Naka said…
get well soon and i love the tokyo tower photo ^^
DMBY said…
Hope you are feeling better. We missed you today.
Ken said…
i hope u feel better!

wow what is her cousin's name?

japanese filipino? were u born in japan or the philippines?
Winnie said…
Oh yum...I want to eat all that yummy food!
Sher said…
Oh dear, I hope you're feeling better now, sweetie!

And yes, it's always torturous to come to your blog and see all these delicious yummy food you had when I'm always hungry:P

Tokyo Tower is such a romantic place, I would love to visit it with my bf:)

☆Monica-Ai☆ said…
Aww thanks! I'm feeling much better now!
I wish I were there to celebrate!
hey hey monica, just want you to know I nominated you for an award on my blog. CHeck it out ^^.

~XOXO Charlotte
I'm sorry for repost but i don't know if the last one came through right since my internet shut off. But I nominated you for an award in my blog ^^
~XOXO Charlotte
Paula Yang said…
Awhh, the Tokyo Tower looks so gorgeous (: At least you were taken in the photo once .

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