My closet: May - June 2010

Magandang gabi!

Said my last farewells to my stomach flu a few days ago. This goes without saying that one of my first real meals was the curry I was craving. I've been having hunger pangs lately but I'm trying to hold it back as much as possible to 1) prevent my stomach from growing back to it's original gigantic size, 2) save my stomach from another break down, and 3) save money.

Decided to do another quick blog and post a couple of coordinates for the past two weeks.

I also created a chictopia account for whoknowswhy. Juvy got me into it. hehe

Tank: from this shop in Harajuku
Bordered (referee-looking) top: H&M
Acid-wash leggings: UNIQLO
Black pumps: ALDO
Necklace: Laforet

Off the shoulder half sleeved shirt: American Apparel
Necklace: Laforet (again)
Dress pants with black sash: Bebe
Black pumps: ALDO
Circle scarf: American Apparel
Bag: Cher with the Hello Kitty keychain from Mighty <3
V-neck shirt&leggings: UNIQLO
Pink mini skirt: Spiral girl
Black cardigan: Cinnamon Girl
Ankle cut boots: LUMINE

Blue leggings: Mighty soxers
Black pumps: ALDO
One piece: from Korea
Heart necklace&black flower pin: L.Chance

Striped t-shirt: I forgot. >< Vest: cosme Jeans: Vienna Sun glasses: Marc Jacobs Necklace: OST Ankle cut boots: LUMINE

Have a nice weekend guys!

Muah <3


Naka said…
i love the 1st and 3rd outfit and nice blog layout :3
Sanna said…
I love all those outfits so much!
Aww Japan is love, wanna come and shop shop shop 8)
May @ Rad said…
I love your sense of style! =)
Juvy♔ said…
omgomgomgomgomg! FIRST AND LAST OUTFIT ARE MY FAVES! love it! your hair in the first pic looks soooo PRETTY :) aw i miss you korilakkuma! :)
Ken said…
u have so many cute outfits in your closet =] adorable
Winnie said…
Oooh love the striped top and the green tights. The sunglasses are fab too!
さらまり said…
Hey, don't starve yourself too much, you already have a great figure!

I love all your outfits, but the first and forth one are particularly cute!
Anonymous said…
Love these photos, you look amazing. I'm on hiatus now for about a month so I'll see you soon! xxx
pinksugarichigo said…
i want all your outfits! please dress me up!

i love the horizontal striped shirt with the vest combo and

those shoes..XD

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