"In every color"

Referring to one of my previous entries, I compiled a list of dishes to eat once my stomach got better. I already mentioned that I devoured yummy curry the other day and I ate it last night as well. :9 That stuff is damn good. Especially when it's homemade (I like to add apples for a little sweetness).

Yesterday, I met up with some friends in Shinjuku and did the usual: had lunch, checked out the newly opened Forever 21 (not so usual but it seems that they open a new store here every second), and took purikura. On the way home, I stopped by the department store near the station. There's something about department stores that give me this uplifting and sophisticated feel as everything there is pretty pricey. The bottom floors are my favorite: the food department.

There's always an array of snacks, pastries, and lunch boxes which are usually famous for being televised as the "best of the best" or the "seasonal" products. Labeling products as so get the people here all worked up and rushing to the department stores to try it themselves and buy it as souvenirs or welcoming gifts. It's really ridiculous how people here feel obligated to bring something with them when visiting someone's house, even if you go there every week.

I usually just go there for the free samples. :9

But, this time I actually bought something. It's something on my list too.

And in every color, as I said before. I'm in love with macaroons, especially from this store (Dalloyau). They're made fresh and the taste is not too sweet which makes it go so well with tea.

All the different flavors

Excuse my chipped nail polish.

Of course, I don't intend on eating these all by myself. Sharing is caring. <3

Goodness, I think the rainy season has begun here in Tokyo. Good-bye, sunshine! See you next monthって感じ。 At least I finally bought my rain boots this past weekend.

Are you ready boots?


Ken said…
i want some macaroons =] please give me some~

yes that is my back~!
pinksugarichigo said…
oooh yum i want macaroons!!! :D those look so delicious.. tea & macaroons go so well together.
Haein said…
haha, i haven't had macaroons in forever :( and the bf, he's a very sweet guy that i vaguely knew of through friends before but yeah he's so kind to me..like mighty to you! they're like our best friends, yes? hehe.

anyway, do you bake and cook for mighty in an apron? ;) hehe and when are you coming back?! >:(
Naka said…
i wanna try MACAROONS ^^
さらまり said…
Yay for department store basements, although I've never gotten samples there... haha!

The macarons look super yummy and cute. I really should try one some day haha^^
un petit lapin said…
Aaah, my friend and I loved visiting department store basements to look at all the delicious desserts! We also bought bento for Disneyland and we were overwhelmed with choice!

Show me your rain boots :D
Winnie said…
I adore macarons, the famous ones from Laduree are a must if you ever visit Paris!
YUMMMMMMY!!! those are so cute XP. If it were me I would just stare at it and refuse to eat it lolz.
~XOXO Charlotte
Anonymous said…
How could I have missed this post! Did you go to Isetan in Shinjuku? I think it's my favourite department store, they have everything and I love Japanese fashion!!! The food halls are fantastic, too. That macaroon is extremely green...

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